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  1. Scrap.tf forums are not the place for Marketplace.tf support. Please go to https://marketplace.tf/support.
  2. You did receive an answer, you replied to it, and are waiting for another answer. Please be patient because our supporters are not awake 24/7 and by making multiple threads you are making things worse for you.
  3. They do not show up for donators and above iIrc.
  4. Because that's not how auctions work. If you did that you basically were making a trade listing instead of an actual auction and if you want to be more careful with the snipping (as in what items are used), then we suggest you to change the IF.
  5. Please do not make threads like these in General Discussion. Locked.
  6. No need to say that 10/10 would accept suggestion
  7. This does not have to do with any game nor bring any actual discussion. Please do not make pointless threads.
  8. Remember that this subforum is not for help and support and this is not the first time I have seen some users in here ignoring said warnings. If you all keep helping users in the wrong section instead of redirecting them to help and support, you will face punishment. Anyways. As I hinted before the right place is help and support. This thread has been locked.
  9. As you can read in scrap.tf/terms , we do not take ban requests:
  10. Do not make mutiple threads about the same issue/topic, please. Locked.
  11. You need to be patient, supporters have a lot of things to do. Locked.
  12. Again, do not provide help and support to users who posted in the wrong subforum, you are only encouraging other users to do the same. Please post your questions or anything of the sort in https://forum.scrap.tf/forum/33-help-support/ Locked.
  13. Please refrain from providing help and support to users who post in the wrong subforum. You are only encouraging others to keep posting in the wrong place. This thread has been locked and will be moved to the archive in a few days.
  14. Remember that this is not the place for help and support. Please go to https://forum.scrap.tf/forum/33-help-support/ if you need so.
  15. Please refrain from replying to threads that are in the wrong section. General Discussion is not for help and support so do not provide help, the thread will eventually be moved to the right subforum. By replying you are encouraging other users to do the same.
  16. Remember that for help you have to go to help and support: https://forum.scrap.tf/forum/33-help-support/ Locked.
  17. You both stop necroing. If you keep this up you both will face punishment. Also @Starco, do not be rude towards other users. If you are not gonna read it, then do not post about you not going to read it. Leave it be, it's plain rude and shows intentions of you wanting to farm posts no matter how, even if it's by spamming. Locked.
  18. Please, refrain from going off-topic in these forums. This thread has been locked because it is basically pointless necroing at this point.
  19. 3xlneet


    To start with, this is not the suggestions subforum so you posted in the wrong section. Second, we do not accept suggestion which are about adding more bots. If we need more, then we will add more. Thread closed.
  20. No, you cannot participate in future events (as geel said) and no, you cannot contribute to it or get unbanned (for now)/ You should be able to withdraw your hat from the site inventory https://scrap.tf/inventory. It really should be appearing because it is not set as a gift or anything like that.
  21. I have checked some logs and no, it does not look like you set them as a gift. The items that are in your site inventory are in different bots too.
  22. Did you click it and them click on the deposit button or in the submit gift?
  23. No, there's no way of submitting them now and you cannot enter the event again.
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