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    Gaming in general, check my steam profile for stuff related to that. Also playin the piano and love to hang out with friends. And occasionally i play the Yu Gi Oh! Trading Card game.

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  1. Fine i guess ill join the trend even tho i spent all my eps allready. #makebluescarfs #weneedthemiguess
  2. Discord Tag: Freak4ever2000#2188 Chrome dev tools? Console only Experience? Not really, but i have experience in modding sites or scripting sites to get cheats n shit (back in the days of cookie clickers for example) Wouldnt call me a hacker expert tho.
  3. unrelated italic text Woah i can format my forum posts the same as my raffles! The Santa 2017 Hat is not showing in the comments of raffles. The witch hat is fine, but i think all other hats are not visible. Y tho D:
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