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  1. Fun fact, you're not a moderator. It's not your job to filter who's read the rules and and who hasn't. Imo most of the reason we have this bias issue is because people seem to think "reading" the rules gives them some artificial authority status. This seems like a fair and unbiased assessment of the situation. I've felt for awhile now that this needs to go. Rules are a good thing, but branding particular users only seems to encourage their mistreatment by people with no real stake in the game. People should be focusing on whether or not someone is following the rules, not whether or not someone did the arbitrary thing.
  2. Just my two cents, but I tend to think the whole "reading the rules" think does significantly more harm than good. It's a cute little gimmick, but it doesn't really accomplish much. In this day and age, not reading terms and conditions is just a part of using the internet. No, it's not ideal, but that's just how it is. There's really very little in the scrap.tf rules that significantly differs from most other online communities. When you create this arbitrary hierarchy among the site's users, it's going to make it easy blame the kind of garbage in anyone's comments section on a group of people who may or may not be responsible. People like to complain about the negativity that 'the grey users' bring to the site, but aren't willing to acknowledge that saying "I hope I win" is no less common to see than "wow grey users this-or-that". When someone with significant influence supports treating others like this and constantly talks about how it's the grey users' fault, everyone who looks up to them starts treating grey users poorly just so they can be one of the cool kids too. If negativity is really the issue you're worried about, people need to stop focusing on grey users and really consider whether or not they're part of the problem.
  3. Man I hate that thing. I get why it's important, but at the same time I hate not being able to correct a typo before eleven rocket scientists have pointed it out.
  4. NASH-T

    Ref prices

    Is this a thing? I could swear I've sold war paints for less than a ref...
  5. He's asking for the feature to be implemented on the forums, not how to do it on the regular site.
  6. This is already a feature on backpack.tf, and that's where the scrap.tf prices come from.
  7. I'm with Zeke on this one. I realize this has been suggested and rejected before, but I hate the whole "it's just a part of internet auctions" thing. If the mods say that they're too lazy (not trying to bash the mods, lazy is just for lack of a better word), that's a perfectly acceptable reason. It's their site and they can do what they want with it. Auctions are not the primary draw. Just because sniping is the a part of auctions doesn't mean it has to be. This is a rare suggestion that benefits both honest bidders and auctioneers. Yes it could be abused by trolls to infinitely extend the timer, but a manual "accept bid" button after the initial timer has ended has been tacked on to this suggestion before. The way things are right now, sniping screws over everybody except the people trying to cheat the system, and that's just wrong. If the authorities just aren't willing to update the platform, that's their choice. But defending snipers isn't the excuse for rejecting this.
  8. In premise, the suggestion makes sense. But as Ada said, the practical advantages are limited, so I wouldn't hold your breath. Bot space is, as I understand it, scarce, and when you consider how many people actually need that extra week to trade for their items vs the people who just don't withdraw their items, more often than not it would just wind up being an extra week of your items taking up bot space before they can be disposed of.
  9. I feel like this is well overdue. Unique KS and Spec KS weapons are in fairly constant demand as fabricator inputs, and there really isn't a super convenient platform to buy or sell them besides the community market.
  10. While not a bad idea, simpler fixes have been shot down in the past. My guess is that unless you happen to already have this bot coded and in your back pocket, there's little to no chance of seeing this.
  11. I realize that I kinda started it but we're majorly beating a dead horse here...
  12. Let's say there are 2 raffles with the same number of entrants. One has an unusual and one has an unusual and a couple of weapons. In either case, you have the same chance to win the unusual. The weapons being there just increase your chance to win *something*. While you may not see a reason to allow people to give weapons away, I assure you that there is even less of a reason to prohibit people from giving weapons away.
  13. Like you said, in reality strange parts never sell for the full price. There are already more then enough issues with overpriced items getting abused in auctions, and it's difficult for scrap.tf to keep an accurate price list 100% of the time. Unless you have a more specific suggestion for HOW to better price items, I don't see any real changes happening here. Related though, I've been noticing a lot of this over the last few days: At one point it was pure metal being valued incorrectly, so I don't know what was up with that. Don't think I have a screenshot of that one though.
  14. Huh, guess you can already do that. I feel cool.
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