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  1. Of course you get something! You'll get that warm feeling of being generous to others, and you can keep that feeling as long as you keep raffling! Unfortunately, this too
  2. I bet I'm the only one here who plays Mousegame on a daily basis 6 years on this game, and I still love it since the day I discovered it. Lots of memories were made in this game alone... Does anyone else still play this game and/or have some memories from it?
  3. I honestly wouldn't go by "worth" value... Instead, why not go by sentimental value? Instead of asking the giftee "What do you want?" and just (most likely) giving that, maybe you can ask them some questions, and give a personalized gift depending on how they're answered It worked quite well for me last year... Maybe you should try the same Although, the required "worth" value is a refined, as stated above...
  4. No one seems to notice the meep anymore... tszy.png

  5. Mixed Minuet


    osu is definitely a fun game, but I don't click the circles, I tap them, because y'know, touchscreens are a thing
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