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  1. Personally, if I wanted to give tips, I could just deposit some into the site. I don't need to earn some to give some... Also, I would absolutely love to see this as an option. There have been been quite a few times where I was almost forgetful about putting a "no tips" line in my raffles. Having something to permanently disable them via profile options or staff permission would be great.
  2. I have an animated update (and general fix-up) for Here's the animation for it: And just the first frame itself: Would be nice to have the animated version though
  3. Oh boy, I'm gonna have lots of fun updating all my emotes (Not even being sarcastic, seriously gonna have fun) Made an appropriate change to :plus1: on my previous post, and now for some size changes... :cheez: - :shaman: (visual overhaul) - :tfm_confetti: - There would be more updates, but I can't fit them all here
  4. Of course you get something! You'll get that warm feeling of being generous to others, and you can keep that feeling as long as you keep raffling! Unfortunately, this too
  5. The 'Multiple Winners' option already has item grouping...
  6. :plus1: - No more do we need to do ^ or v! And a 128x128 version to conform with the new standards:
  7. I bet I'm the only one here who plays Mousegame on a daily basis 6 years on this game, and I still love it since the day I discovered it. Lots of memories were made in this game alone... Does anyone else still play this game and/or have some memories from it?
  8. I've suggested a lot in the past, I hope to be able to get a couple more in :smile_mouse: (let's complete the set, shall we?) :cheez: (higher res version)
  9. Whenever the search function is used, most actions done in it will cause the "Match all items" switch to change to the opposite setting. It occurs when you add a new item to the search, remove an item, change the quality of an item, or change the search area from Banking to Auctions (or vice versa). The switch will change no matter what, it won't stay on or off, even if you've set it previously.
  10. It doesn't matter what's on the line, if I wanted to tip someone, I would have just done it there and then with no delay. I wouldn't have cared if I won the raffle or not, I would just do it. As ITstumbler mentioned, it would be better just to add the raffler and give them your scrap metal (or whatever), or just tip their future raffles. I don't think it should be considered "too much effort" if you're trying to thank someone. Also, to add onto my first post, I feel like this could be abused if it were implemented. I can see cases where the raffler may ask the winner (via comments, adding them, etc) to tip them just because they won. And this alone could lead to harassment of other users.
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