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  1. Glad to see this is finally going to be in
  2. To be honest I cant see the difference at a distance and maybe they would like to conserve the original one for personal reasons, but I do think you did a good work fixing that and would change it for sure, afterall little details make the difference
  3. Discord Tag: Nebula Factory#0779 Chrome dev tools? No Experience? Some, depending on the "area" but I know the basics on webpage functionallity
  4. Reason is good enough, but it will very rarelly happen where you win a raffle in the same day when you change your steam guard, personally I wouldn't change it but its not up to me.
  5. Want to see if this ends up being a thing or not
  6. Im not a fan of this suggestion anyways, but in my point of view it would be a good change to delete or hide the comments (Eg: Profile comments) from permanently banned users. If some people dont agree with this Idea it could always be a "option" to remove those comments or not from your profile. Personally I just think it doesnt look good, but hey, this is just a suggestion to see what you guys think.
  7. In the steam market it is, but in reality 100 creates is still not worth 1 ref. It would be a great loss for Scrap tf, as lots of people would start selling their crates for very small and take lots of bot space.
  8. Would be really cool to add one at some time, had the idea while using some in the chat. It would be the blob that is nomming the other blob but in this case as a avatar hat, so the blob is noming your avatar :3
  9. Nice suggestion Gremn, I would like to see a option to do that although I guess its not something very necessary. Duno, staff will decide
  10. Im not sugesting a new banking type, just a adapted display of certain parts of the website for a vr headset. But I dont really have hopes on it, yet its a crazy cool idea.
  11. It may sound stupid, and it kinda is but Imagine having a section on the page for a vr headset. So people that have it can use this page but in a vr experience. It doesnt have to be fancy and be totally 360, just a modified section for it, so that the banking, enter raffles and maybe live chat can be adapted for it. I repeat myself, its not something really usefull but I personally think it would be a great feature to add in the future. I hope you liked the Idea.
  12. Sort of, dont know how the monster legends do that on the apps but you got the first part right.
  13. It would be cool to have a referal program in the page, so users that invite others users (eg: using their link) can have advantages, and the more referals they make, the bigger are his/her advantages. Just like they do it in other pages, but applying it here. So both Scrap Tf and the user will benefit from it. The page gets more users, the user gets mini advantages 4 doing so.
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