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  1. It’s been 30 minutes today and I haven’t gotten any quests. Yesterday I didn’t get any quests at all. I don’t know what’s going on.
  2. I know, I think they should add it into the rules not to ask for it either because there could be people like you said that don't even know if its a raffle and its just a random question.
  3. I think its in the rules, I am not sure.. Once I send this I will check it out. I think it shouldn't be allowed as well, its a bit unfair and its just not fun in general =/. EDIT: It is in the rules
  4. Technically winning your own would be against the rules because you would have to make another account, So, yea... I won 0 of my own and I entered 80 only to win 1(Mainly because of the quests, I am not a fan of raffles)
  5. Depends on what system you are planning to play them on, PS, Xbox, Pc and what kind of game like a fps or mmo
  6. You made 2 of the same posts first of all :p. Second it is against the rules to give unauthorized hints about the secret links. Just keep looking around its not that hard if you pay attention :)!
  7. Try to generate a new trade offer link. If not just wait a good hour or so until steam is fixed.
  8. Squeaks


    chat.scrap.tf I am pretty sure
  9. you can just use CTRL + F and type their name and it will find it. Other than that I don't think somebody would want to be tagged if they didn't comment in the first place. Even so if its your friend you could just msg them on steam
  10. Isn't there the email? (edit): I am sure you can actually find like a super cheap iphone 4 without a sim or something and just download the steam app there xD
  11. Wouldn't it technically be up to you what the price is? I mean me personally I would just recommend trying to find a collector and see if they will offer anything for it, I am not sure if people have an interest in killstreak hats though.
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