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  1. I think it would be better if the problems that cause the bans are resolved first. If this problem still persists afterwards, more ban appeal readers sounds reasonable.
  2. Top

    Simple Fix

    I agree. It's not a huge problem but it's a mistake that should be easily fixable.
  3. The first sounds really useful to save halloween/christmas/event/etc. profiles, but may be hard to implement. Tridimensional would be cool, but I'm also not sure who hard it would be to implement them as the current round avatars are cropped versions of square images. Maybe, instead, allow people to upload avatar overlays, which will be placed on top of the circle? Then users would have to resolve the placement and transparency themselves. Multiple trade offers would also be useful. It would be nice to select twenty equalizers and then get three-ish trades.
  4. This would be useful. Would also lower the threshold for megaraffle items.
  5. Yeah, this would be pretty useful. Sometimes I have items I want to bid and I'd have to check everything.
  6. Yeah, I've been having this issue as well. This would solve it.
  7. I would occasionally like to talk code.
  8. Something like this would be pretty useful. Just a way to check whether a specific bot is having issues in general, and notifying the users of it as well as assigning a new bot.
  9. It would be nice if you could use any number of hours whatsoever.
  10. The way I read it, you would have two quest logs, one red and one green, which do not influence eachother. Quests in one quest log help open raffles for everyone, while quests in the other quest log give you EPs (which are no longer needed to open raffles). This way, there is no conflict between 'filling the bar' and spending personal EPs. Sounds interesting for next year, but I wouldn't change this year's system too much as people have already spent EPs.
  11. I think the system should not be change this year, because people have already spent EPs. However, there could be some improvements next year, like giving people an equal amount of EP to earn each day, and perhaps limiting the number of holiday raffle tickets one can buy.
  12. Nah, it would be useful to have more information in the auction warning. Also seems like it would be easy to implement.
  13. I don't have any friends with or on Steam and an alt account would require me to move my authenticator or get a new phone. Still, as I said, it's not a very urgent addition, and I could live with revealing my identity. That's why it's a suggestion, not an order.
  14. I have used private raffles to give my secret santa recipient something extra every week (in a sort of event-like format), at the cost of revealing my identity. It would be useful if we could make anonymous private raffles. I would be able to give my secret santa (in coming years) extra stuff before he unwraps his final (submitted) gift, and he wouldn't immediately figure out who I am. No anonymous trade offers on Steam either. Maybe others have more uses for anonymous private raffles I can't think of. Not a very urgent addition to the site though.
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