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    in the past we used to have that kinda system but what ever the dev team decided to do about that we havent had it since
  2. A possible idea I have thought of whenever you disconnect or connected to scrap chat there would be custom short messages whenever you join/leave the chat room such as an example SP Kyubey has connected: Contract? SP Kyubey has disconnected: Looking for souls. A simple connect and disconnect feature that could potentially spark some creativity for people who use scrap chat with a 15-20 character limit.
  3. A common thing I bet we commonly see is users either unintentionally without realizing creating auctions with the statement leave offers below . A counter measure to this is have an additional warning message before starting the auction saying” Have you double checked your information Incase there is anything not allowed?” Or if the user includes the word offer/offers you could potentially filter the word out to be left out or disable the item information itself. Its simply the fact a lot of users tend to get affected by this rule so this suggestion is to hopefully reduce or stop this issue entirely.
  4. An issue i know other players even my self has encountered is to where you bid a adnormal ammount of stuff for a auction you win the auction yet the user storage bot doesn't have the space to accept your bid and your unable to claim your auction prize resulting in a auction ban you unfortunatly had to take for not claiming auction prize My suggestion/idea is implement a system to where it automatically wont allow you to submit the bid for zed auction if the ammount of items your bidding succeds the maximum space the bot has so players using the auctioning system can claim there auction prize without problem and no problems can occur. Im intrested on what you guys think and or can add on to this topic ~thank you for your time reading this
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