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    Memes, video games, anthros. That's all you need to know aboout me an my interests, if you care any further, get to know me a bit better. :>

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  1. Could this be the legendary DOUBLE PRANKING? A prank WITHIN a prank? Truly bugattiben is a master of comedy and humour. He's an enigma, a mystery. Nothing but a riddle wrapped in a thick pastry made entirely of secrets.
  2. I'll sign up as a reserve. I'm a pretty decent Engineer (Combat, obviously) and Medic, and I generally hold my own pretty strong when it comes to playing Demoman. Also, who wouldn't want someone like me on their team? I also live in the United Kingdom. http://beta.etf2l.org/forum/user/108996/
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PSYxT9GM0fQ&gl=GB&hl=en-GB
  4. Unbox a KARAMBIT BLUE STEEL and then scream about it, then put the audio on YouTube to make more money to unbox more cases and keys, and repeat.
  5. These are fantastic deals! Good job I cashed out my Dewpoints® so I can get an extra -20% off when I buy all of these offers! That's an entire -19% off, great deals!
  6. Geel has that feel when he slips on a banana peel, leaving his skin a dark shade of teal.
  7. Shit, I didn't know I needed the Dewscoping® DLC to get Killstreaks? Goddamnit.
  8. I got a 5 killstreak, but didn't even get a care package... Is this a glitch?
  9. SO IF ANY OF YOU NO GOOD SONS OF B*TCHES COME NEAR MY DAUGHTER AGAIN, YOU'LL BE, ARRESTED. END OF CONVERSATION, FROM HER FATHER. Felt kinda bad for that girl. She played with fire and got burned hard. Last I heard, she's a bloke now and goes by Damien.
  10. This is cyberbullying, I will not hesitate to contact the cyberpolice.
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