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  1. I need help a bot scammed me last a bit ago but I barely found this so I tried to return it but it said could not locate item


    1. Salted


      Wrong area to post this status updates aren't for needing help with the site please post posts regarding to refunds in the refund section https://forum.scrap.tf/forum/34-refunds/

    2. RicoTnT
    3. Salted


      my dude this post is from 9 months ago why the heck you commenting here?

  2. If someone had a bad day and wants to write about it, fine. If someone needs some kind words after a rough time, fine. Its not fine, however, to take over on others behalves, because you think you are "helping" them. They want to be left alone, leave them alone. If they really need serious help, most websites on the internet that operate like we do can not risk to offer this kind of help or take this kind of responsibility. Period.
  3. you can use the same phone number for multiple accounts, so no. It might make it harder to set up fully automated idling farms, but for every normal user with a few storage accounts this should not be a problem, as long as they have a way to use mobile auth and trade confirmations.
  4. Lets face it. Valve is confronted with 70K angry users each month who claim that Valve stole their items, just like we are confronted with about 200 angry users each month that claim our bots scammed them when in reality they just didnt pay attention to what the trade is telling them. The mobile auth has been added by Valve to protect themselves. If you want a change, then make useful and constructive pledges, like allowing "everyday trades" with common and not very valuable items to be exluded from escrow. You wont be successfull with your silly petitions and boycotts. After all, you are just hurting the community with that. "I won't trade anymore until Valve fixes this" will just lead to the community sites going bankrupt. Do you want that?
  5. Why would it make it a bad website?
  6. Its always funny how everyone suggesting "please make bots pay for attribute X or make them accept item Y" is always having trouble selling those items at their wishful thinking price. Why, I ask, do you not get the idea that exactly THIS may be the reason why we do not pay for X or accept Y? If nobody wants to buy that item or that attribute at your price, why should we do it?
  7. You are very well explaining why unusual banking will never work out. An unusual is exactly worth what someone else is willing to pay. There is absolutely no way to determine a price the bots would pay you. The prices on backpack.tf for unusuals always only reflect the most recent trades (if at all), Steam Market prices are not reliable for this matter. If there would be any unusual service, it would be just like any random quickbuyer on any random trade server. You would get the absolute minimum worth for your hat, so the risk of never getting a return on this unusual (since no one would be willing to pay more for it, since the prices for an unusual are ALWAYS determined when the buyer and the seller agree on a price after a very long and exhaustive discussion, often involving sweets or overpays in items. TLDR: The volume of unusual trades is not high enough to give reliable price values for specific hats. The only solution would be flat pay of, for example, 5 keys for ANY unusual. --- Edit: You classified system has been tried many times already. We once had bounties, which were constantly abused and didnt work out. Then we had auctions, which were constantly abused and then got closed. Unusual Trading is personal. It involves emotions, it involves subjectivity, tastes and interpretative "themes". No automated site could do that for you, all that would happen is the Classifieds section being overfilled with people asking for their surreal high Buyouts based on some outdated bible.tf price, with an added premium because "this hat has become rarer now, there havent been any trades for it for 8 months so it must be more expensive now".
  8. You can do a lot of things with your user menu, like changing personal settings, including updating your data from Steam. You should check it out.
  9. The trading card queue should be much faster now. Also we have a surprise increase of full sets up for grabs in the badge builder now.
  10. You want the trading card banking working 100% from the start? The horror the horror! Geel will probably continue working on the bots soon! This is a disaster! *faints*
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