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  1. I need help a bot scammed me last a bit ago but I barely found this so I tried to return it but it said could not locate item


    1. Salted


      Wrong area to post this status updates aren't for needing help with the site please post posts regarding to refunds in the refund section https://forum.scrap.tf/forum/34-refunds/

    2. RicoTnT
    3. Salted


      my dude this post is from 9 months ago why the heck you commenting here?

  2. The prices shown for "dynamically priced" items can be out of date on the website. The bot determines the current price when creating the trade offer while the website can only show the last known price, which can be outdated due to market fluctuations or caching.
  3. Hello, thank you for making us aware of this, and sorry for the late reply. The issue has been fixed on https://dev.scrap.tf and will be rolled to the main servers on our next update cycle... a few days or so it was in fact not valves fault, but the badge builders JavaScript implementation... http://stackoverflow.com/questions/9643626/javascript-cant-handle-64-bit-integers-can-it
  4. This should be fixed now. Let me know if you still encounter any problems with trade offer dialog boxes. Problem is: Our websockets server died and the fallback didnt work properly.
  5. Not a bug: https://www.reddit.com/r/tf2/comments/4aw0x5/so_the_engineer_can_now_wear_the_cute_suit_it_has/
  6. Search is rate limited to prevent abuse (e.g. automated item scanners exhausting our server capacity). So if you use the search as an "alert" feature, you will end up being rate limited for a while. It will only go away if you reduce your search activity or leave the search alone for a prolonged period of time. Additionally, schema updates and inconsistencies could cause some items (especially newly added items) to not be searchable.
  7. Search is also rate limited to prevent abuse and automated sitewide searches. If you refresh it too often or search for too many items in a specific range of time, you may be rate limited. Only use the search for single-item searches for a while, and dont use it as extensively (example: dont use it as an "a rare and expensive item is now available" alert while refreshing the search results all the time.
  8. Were you able to reproduce this? Could you post a screenshot of said trade so we can investigate the issue? I think you should be fine with keeping the metal you got, just give us a notice if it happens again. Thanks for reporting it!
  9. thats something that will happen on the very slight chance that 2 entries get inserted into the database at virtually the same second, a tiny inconvenience we accept in exchange for a faster processing of entries, since that is an expensive operation already.
  10. This is because of certain measures to discouraging excessive usage of our services (things a human user would never even notice). It will take quite a while before your account will have all restrictions removed, this is automated and based on your usage stats.
  11. If someone had a bad day and wants to write about it, fine. If someone needs some kind words after a rough time, fine. Its not fine, however, to take over on others behalves, because you think you are "helping" them. They want to be left alone, leave them alone. If they really need serious help, most websites on the internet that operate like we do can not risk to offer this kind of help or take this kind of responsibility. Period.
  12. The only other explanation I have is that the Steam Community Market Price is either too low (lower than 1 scrap) and the bot is unable to sell it, or that there is no valid price reference for that card on the Steam Community Market (e.g. the volume of traded cards is too low or price spreads are too high). I'll forward this to Geel so he may have a look into the bot logic to see whats the problem here.
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