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  1. I need help a bot scammed me last a bit ago but I barely found this so I tried to return it but it said could not locate item


    1. Salted Pyrokip

      Salted Pyrokip

      Wrong area to post this status updates aren't for needing help with the site please post posts regarding to refunds in the refund section https://forum.scrap.tf/forum/34-refunds/

    2. RicoTnT
    3. Salted Pyrokip

      Salted Pyrokip

      my dude this post is from 9 months ago why the heck you commenting here?

  2. If this were possible without causing further issues (e.g. more failed raffles with items actually being traded due to steam reporting back wrong or no status on the trade offer) then it would have been done already. This restriction is not there to annoy you, its there to keep possible problems away.
  3. The prices shown for "dynamically priced" items can be out of date on the website. The bot determines the current price when creating the trade offer while the website can only show the last known price, which can be outdated due to market fluctuations or caching.
  4. Hello, thank you for making us aware of this, and sorry for the late reply. The issue has been fixed on https://dev.scrap.tf and will be rolled to the main servers on our next update cycle... a few days or so it was in fact not valves fault, but the badge builders JavaScript implementation... http://stackoverflow.com/questions/9643626/javascript-cant-handle-64-bit-integers-can-it
  5. This should be fixed now. Let me know if you still encounter any problems with trade offer dialog boxes. Problem is: Our websockets server died and the fallback didnt work properly.
  6. We do have an "achievement-like" system during events. You have to complete tasks to get Event Points and for these points you can buy "virtual on-site" items, like hats for your avatar or whatever we come up with in the future. I don't think adding another layer of "showcases" would make much sense. We have badges, custom-items (avatar hats), ranks and user profile stats as well as top lists for raffles and donations. But thats only my opinion.
  7. in these cases performance has to be considered. adding new inventory types to the site/bots handling always comes with schema information that we have to process, cache and update. bots would also need to download and cache even more data from the steam trade offer api in each trade, making them slower. another issue is that any non-tf2 item always comes with the risk of being lost forever deep in the bot steam inventories no staff member can access. this is due to the fact that TF2 Items have an original id that never changes, but other steam items do not have such an ID, so if anything bad happens while the items for a raffle are being confirmed (e.g. steamcommunity times out or gives an ambigious response... or scrap.tf has traffic problems) theres always the possibility the bots cannot associate the item to a user/raffle again.
  8. There once was a konami code easter egg... it led to https://scrap.tf/CELEBRATION i think geel secretly removed it because he doesnt like it.
  9. I also think tips should remain anonymous. Anything else brings a lot of undesired side effects with it, mostly to do with human psychology.
  10. this should normally not happen and has been fixed. thanks for bringing it to our attention
  11. this has already been explained in a similar thread as of why this is technically not possible. I'm too tired to look for it right now, but you should find it, its not so old.... good night!
  12. I have tried to get caught in the cooldown by rapidly entering multiple raffles in multiple tabs. It was only possible if I scrolled every page so the enter raffle button is at the same place, then using ctrl+tab to switch tabs and rapidly click the enter button. If you are really that talented with macroing your own movements, probably well trained from MoBa or RTS games, then I salute to you. But I honestly do not believe that an average person could manage to do this process for more than 20 raffle entries at once. I managed to get tripped by the 3 second cooldown on every second raffle while switching tabs with shortcuts as quick as i could and preparing the position of the enter raffle button. Honestly, I would have entered all those raffles faster if I just entered one each 3 seconds, since the preparations alone took most of the time. It is extremely difficult to distinguish between an automated tool and a human here. The moving average has been removed from the enter time in favor of a static 3 second interval for performance reasons. The delay itself is a measure to a) discourage mass-entering scripts and be able to easier detect bot-like behavior b ) ensure a stable load during high traffic times. if the delay wasnt there, a lot of simultaneous raffle entries would happen every second, which could in turn lead to database transaction delays that would slow down the enter raffle process even more. What you probably dont notice while you are entering all raffles, is that while you press the enter raffle button on the first raffle and change to the next tab to enter the next raffle, the request from entering the first raffle is still not complete, since it can last 2-5 seconds depending on count of currently active users. These pending requests stack up and ultimately cause server timeouts in the worst case. As you may have noticed, we have a hard time keeping our servers up during extreme peak hours. It is extremely important that the scrap.tf trading bots can always access the database with as little delay as possible to update various records, and other servers who perform certain maintenance tasks or update jobs should not be interrupted either. The delay cannot be removed, unfortunately. Over the course of the past few months we determined an interval which does only seem to affect less than 1% of our users. And those are either using some sort of aid or are very talented.
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