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  1. I think the biggest problem would be programming it to register Achievement items.
  2. I could see this being useful, especially if we extend it to auctions. I have seen times when people will make a statement that nobody looks at.
  3. I honestly don’t like the auctions a whole lot, if I could just view another player’s profile and see what they were selling on the Scrap Market, making an offer directly to them without worry someone can snipe it for buy out when I sleep, it would be nice.
  4. I like it, post something up for a price and have people make an offer on it with no time limit. Auctions fill the slot already, but having a faster paced way of doing it would be nice.
  5. I agree. I see a lot of 1.44 ref hats with paint on them drop into the bot when they are worth around 3-5ref.
  6. The Decline Bid option for the Currency Only Auction makes little to no sense. The Currency Only Auction is in name, an auction of only currency, something with a defined value that is the standardized currency. A scrap is a scrap, three scrap is a reclaimed, and eighteen scrap is a refined. Nothing will change that unless the developers change the conversion rate. This means that a scrap, reclaimed, refined, even keys have a defined value at any point and time, with little to no alteration. Declining a bid in a Currency Only Auction is pointless. The only case-scenario in which declining a bid is even remotely required is when someone bids 34 scrap on an item that you were asking 2 refined for. Even if someone did such a thing, there is the bots who will trade for scrap into Rec and Ref, and in game, you can easily convert your gains to Refined, the standard that low tier items go by. This means that no matter what, rejecting a bid is unrequired and only stems as a point where one can create a "troll" auction, in which they set a bid price and decline anything and everything, with some having ceilings for buyout and others being purely an auction created with malicious intent to decline bids to mess with people who truly want that item. By removing the ability for people to decline bids on Currency Only Auctions, this will create a system in which people will need to properly price their minimum value and will make it so these auctions are actually serious endeavors. We punish those who fail to pay their auctions, why not punish those who make these auctions that are meant to fail and make them actually take the idea of their auction and the minimum bid seriously? It isn't like there is a bot setting the price of the minimum and the buyout bid, that is all the user. They shouldn't be able to say they do not wish to accept what they wanted in the first place. TL;DR: No more Decline Bid Option for Currency Only Auctions People are abusing it to troll the auctions There is no reason you need to decline a standard currency, unlike items of shifting value such as hats and unusuals You shouldn't be able to say "No" when you are the person who set the minimum. You set the minimum. Your fault for not setting it high enough.
  7. Can we get new bots and things that we can buy and sell? I am wanting to get into DotA 2, but I cannot find a good place to buy my items. Same thing with Emotes, I want to have a place to sell my emotes, even if it is for a scrap.
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