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  1. I don't know anything about Payday, but people are saying the new updates killed the game.
  2. I see adds occasionally, their quite rare and i think Neet freaked out about the ads before they were added officialy.
  3. I was asked to make a forum post about this. Basically, the gun mettle update adds tons of "new" weapons into the game along with "cases" and unusual weapons. This sudden increase of limited time items with unclear prices will unbalance the economy and by 2020 Gabe will be the world dictator and hopefully random crits will be removed! 10/10 much evidence.
  4. Well cards can be up to 1 ref in price now
  5. C'est un film d'horreur! La chauve-sourise parles! (google doesn't translate it right)
  6. I was so hype for trading card bots... now its just pay more than 0.33 for a card and wait in queue for an hour, go afk for a while and realize you took too long and your trade offer was canceled.
  7. I think the main reason the bot is running out of metal is because the prices arn't very realistic, most cards should be about 0.33 ref. The reason Im not buying anything from the bot is because I only want Monster cards.
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