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  1. Wholeheartedly agree. If not deleting, then st least having an option to edit comments for a while after posting (say,10 minutes) would be a good quality of life update.
  2. Hornet

    Custom emote suggestions -- Now open

    Due to the amount of pokemon added "recently",here's my and GamePlayah's take on it- :floofcanine:
  3. So,the issue is that you can usually click on items that you are about to trade with the bots. Just like this : https://feen.us/4bnr8r.gif And the only thing that happens is that they light up. You can unclick them,and nothing happens. Hovewer,while trading from the window that gathers all of the bot's backpacks, when you click on the items midtrade,this happens : https://feen.us/z574k8.gif The number suddenly spikes up to the amount of remaining items in bot's backpacks. And suddenly stops after a while,because ? It is a very minor bug,yet i don't see the reason why it shouldn't be brought up. it's just a small quality of life (however trivial) change.