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  1. hey twinkle as i cant respond to one of your posts in the allegations thread but it is about Salvador Limones using the steam quote of him talking about his twitter seems stupid as thats him complaining about a mass report on his profile which eventually banned him. thats a normal thing to be mad about

    1. Twinkle


      A mass report was never instigated from our side. Apparently enough users reported the tweet and Twitter decided to ban them, we never asked/told anyone to report the tweet. Killjester took the video down as well as he figured out many of the claims were false, and apologised in the comment thread of that video. Salvador Limones is just angry for Twitter (correctly) taking the tweet down, and holds ScrapTF / Jesse accountable.

  2. I've had a longer conversation with this user and as far as I know they're going down the list of staff, contributors, and super premiums in order to gather more information on this entire situation, whether that be with good or bad intentions. I've heard from some other community members that they were added by this user as well. As far as I know they wanted the list so that they would have a clearer overview of who to contact further. I don't know how this user is related to the others who have been involved, nor what their plan is with any of this information they've gathered.
  3. That is fair and I agree. That's also why this entire response / forum discussion is happening.
  4. Then again they're the ones accusing without real proof though. All the things I have seen were conversations with possible implied meanings but that might as well be taken out of context or baseless in the first place. They've also been asking Jesse for "proof" but what is the point of trying to disprove something they're claiming that never happened... The only credible person that actually said something was the ordeal with Lukiday but that was already addressed.
  5. I would like to expand upon what kind of people we are dealing with here. Salvador Limones / Kers Prett (source: their Steam profile in a conversation with Luki) Just seems to get angry when counter arguments are made. Gives me the vibe that he just wants to see this community burn. Who knows what their motives are because exposing a legitimate pedophile sure isn't one of them. JesseGate 2020? (source: my direct messages with them on Discord) This user has been adding more people from the community. Unironically offered me a few refined metal to leak a l
  6. If we can hide crates we can hide contracts as well, would like to see this fixed, if that's alright, of course.
  7. I'm getting the same. https://scrap.tf/itemvalues tells us prices should be different. Tried it on both the dev and normal version of the site. I don't know if this is just a visual bug or not.
  8. Oh right. Welp there is a GIF for it now xD
  9. Why does this happen? Doesn't seem to be working as it should. I don't know if others experience the same thing but it's very annoying when creating a raffle. (When you go to another tab while selecting items for a raffle you can't go back to the TF2 tab (for anyone not being able to open/see the GIF))
  10. Had this issue as well, waited for a bit and the item was returned to my inventory through Steam. Just be patient and if your items aren't returned contact Steam support
  11. What decks/legendaries do you guys have/play? I have golden Thalnos, Alexstrasza, Dr. Boom, Sylvanas, Edwin van Cleef, Tirion, Antonidas, Malygos, The Black Knight and all BRM and Naxx legendaries. I have complete decks for Midrange Druid, all Hunter decks, Oil Rogue, Midrange+Aggro Paladin, Mech Shaman, Mech+Tempo Mage, Malylock+Zoolock, Control+Tempo Priest and Patron Warrior.
  12. Priest isn't too great and a nice control priest list is quite expensive, maybe things get better after TGT. You can check HearthPwn or IcyVeins for decklists, maybe aggro Priest will be a thing after the new expansion
  13. I only buy the adventures because grinding out 3500 gold is too much effort. I can grind new expansions through Arena, if there are 1-2 adventures and 1 expansion every year I'd have to spend like $100. Without the expansion that's $50. Arena is practically free and I have a high win average.
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