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  1. :podisgust: (Since you guys don't have enough personal emotes )
  2. :tobyscream: https://imgur.com/a/hLktFAn
  3. So this must have been a recent addition, but I've noticed that when attempting to bring up raffles by banned users, whether temporary or permanent, they are completely unavailable. I'm not here to speak out about any unjustified bans, to my knowledge anyway I don't know any bans that were unjustified. But in my opinion, getting rid of the history of a raffler is unethical. Now some of these users have highly negatively impacted the site, some have just made some dumb mistakes. In either case, I think the ban is enough. People will understand your stance against someone with a ban, at least it shows you are making an active effort to remove the toxicity from the website, and hopefully people will understand and accept that more. But with removing raffles, I believe is unethical, almost as if you are sweeping these problems under the rug. I know this website is better than that. So I'd suggest just leaving the banned users raffles be
  4. So basically, a puzzle raffle, but not open to the public like a private raffle (pretty self explanatory). Now there was the recent rule "Do not use private raffles as public puzzle raffles" which to my interpretation is that this will not allow public raffles linking to private raffles with puzzles (correct me if I'm wrong). If this was done because you could not enforce the puzzle raffle rules onto a private raffle, I believe my suggestion would help. A private raffle that has all the rules and mechanics of a puzzle raffle. Simple enough. Why I'm requesting this is because essentially the removal of puzzles in private raffles impacts this Scrap.TF community. For one, some raffles do make these small games in public raffles, such as a chain of private raffles with puzzles in them, which many members in the community enjoyed to create and participate in. More importantly, this could affect unofficial scrap.tf events, such as the Megaman Event orgainized by Molten Cory, the Guess that PFP event by m10m10, the Summer Spree by Ramen or maybe my own 200 tips Tunnel Raffle which included some puzzles would never have been able to be made due to this new rule. I believe that such unofficial community events impacts the community in a major way by increasing interest in the community in a whole. So I believe that such private puzzle raffles would help the community of Scrap.TF, and increase interest in the website, and benefit organizers of these unofficial events. Thanks for reading this.
  5. I have a feeling I may be overlooking a problem with this suggestion, but what if you could use the Site Inventory for making public raffles and/or receiving won items from raffles. When you are swapping mobile authenticators or there are other problems preventing you from trading, I think it would a great feature to continue to allow you to do raffles and receive your won items.
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