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  1. Chester

    Tip bypasses

    I have found ways that you could ask for tips and bypass the word in a few ways: 1: Asking for tips on the Premium custom message 2: Asking in a poll (Not sure about this one) 3: The password for a puzzle raffle. Should we add these to the word filter?
  2. Chester

    Information added to Auctions Notification

    I'd probably never have this problem, but I could see how annoying it can be for someone who uses auctions a lot. I would like to see this added.
  3. Chester

    New deathrun maps for Server 2

    I would also like to see dr_4halls added into the rotation as well. (don't have a link to it and too lazy to grab one)
  4. I have noticed that the weapon banking bots have weapons with a lot of stock (i.e: Concheror), and other that have low stock (i.e: Rocket Jumper) I was thinking the the bots use extra weapons to craft weapons. Here's what I was thinking: Bot takes weapons (i.e: Bison & Mantreads) Makes token with said weapons Uses token to craft weapon Sell weapon It could (hopefully) increase the stock of some weapons. And if the bot creates a higher value weapon, an admin could take or something. Is it good, or is it a horrible idea that needs to be burned?
  5. Chester

    Hiding your raffles

    I have an idea because of a problem. I noticed that all raffles, including private ones are shown on the main raffle page. I was thinking that perhaps we could have something to hide all of those raffles? I was thinking a little button that allowed you to minimize all of your active raffles near the area shown in the picture. (I’m doing this on my phone) What do you think?