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  1. wow i have 196 notifications... im not gonna read a single one c:

    but hey, nice to meet you all, im para. im new.

  2. 238 notifications...... hope none of them were important...

    1. PHiSH


      Back from ze dead.

  3. Not sure if this is even really a bug but... So I was messing around with settings and disabled my comments just to see what it would look like. Too complicated to explain the whole process leading up to the discovery of the bug, so i'll just get to the point i guess. Basically, when looking at it on my account it says "you have profile comments disabled" which is fine. didn't expect anything else. And when i used an alt account to see what it would look like it says "this user has profile comments disabled" which was expected. However, when logged
  4. if you have a problem, you should post in the help & support forum. but when you get there, you should check the readme thread before posting if you read it, youll see: Click here if you need help about the Steam Desktop Authenticator (issues/guide) which you should click on, since you seem to need help about the Steam Desktop Authenticator. so do that. This was posted by Neet: "Trades being held just went live! Please, do not make threads about you losing your items due to the 3 day trade restriction. If you have anything to say, then post about so
  5. i think its scrap.tf/raffles/FMLHOG its in the screenshot
  6. also, a few months ago, the devs stated that scrap.tf is an ad-free website. unless that's changed since like, june, i think it was?, then yea, you could have a virus problem... (just disabled my blocker on the site and clicked around a few pages, didn't see a single ad.)
  7. I need friends

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    2. Alexander Wedlin
    3. Pokechikin -VG-

      Pokechikin -VG-

      yeah, sometimes I think that too. Then I realize its not too important.

    4. The Lost King

      The Lost King

      friends are overrated. loners ftw!

  8. kk. but then where did the extra 6 tips it said I have come from?
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