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  1. Feel the Geel inside you.
  2. I would buy ducks, a lot of ducks. Then I would visit everyone in scraptf staff and have sex with them.
  3. Because of the short proggression system and how dependent you are from your teamates, in TF2 if someone sucks it won't make any difference, everyone keeps having fun. In MOBAs if one person sucks the entire game is lost. Also what twots said.
  4. Who cares about the armor? Suit it all, the skill perk gives around 30 dodge and fugg skills gives even more the lower your detection is, so you can try stealth in pro jobs and still rek everyone if you fail. 50 dodge when standing still, 60 when crouching and 75 when running.
  5. >Hard mode Ok I get shot every 30 bullets that miss me and only takes half of my suit, but it's not that hard. And armor makes you sooo slow.
  6. "Hard" and "Very hard" are pretty easy once you get some skill and all, and there's overkill, wich I see like a casual play. But I see death wish like something hard even for the pros, but now I play it casualy. Maybe I have to stop using akimbo with 75 dodge when running.
  7. Every update screw the game for some people, what I still hate is the terrible anti-cheat system. I've heard if you have massive lag and tries to interact with something it detects you as a cheater.
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