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  1. Karones

    Chat /me

    If you post a link using /me, anything after it will be white instead of your name's color. I know it's just a detail, let me be happy for finding one :c
  2. Yeah it started working, weird. Maybe I was trying to close the wrong rooms or something.
  3. Pretty self explanatory, whenever I try to close one, nothing happens.
  4. You can always disable the email confirmation in the privacy settings of your profile, heck there's even an announcement telling you about it.
  5. I never saw anyone complaining about fake bots, if you're first in the queue and you got a trade offer from the bot that you're in the queue then there's no mistake, it's a real bot. Also it's simply useless and it would have to store the message for each user that sets one, waste of space IMO.
  6. I looks pretty useless, you can simply search the item and it will tell you if it is available. Except for keys, but when you see there's no way the 30 people queue you have to go through will not empty the bot. Also 1 person liked my comment(not me)
  7. It's not frequently shit, but I don't know when it will be shit. Maybe tomorrow, maybe in 6 years.
  8. It's a great button if you can predict when your internet will get shit. But I don't think we've got there yet.
  9. Karones

    Geel or Jeel

    Feel the Geel inside you.
  10. Karones

    User's privacy

    In the main site, the user can set to hide links to their own steam profile. But I noticed the situation is different in the forums, it will always be available independently of how you set it in scrap.tf.
  11. It's their fault for not reading the rules, and the announcements are at the height of your eyes and the first thing you see when you enter. No way to miss it.
  12. "Keys dropping" -3xlneet
  13. I would buy ducks, a lot of ducks. Then I would visit everyone in scraptf staff and have sex with them.
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