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  1. A user came into support recently having an issue buying hats because it said that he could not afford the hat, even though he was trading in several items that were worth more than the hat he was buying. It turned out one of the items was overstocked in the specific bot that he was assigned to, but did not notify the user that it was overstocked at all, instead opting to simply remove the hat from the trade which made him unable to pay for the item. Example: User selects hat X to buy from global buy menu. They select hats 1 2 and 3 to pay for said item which combined, are the cost of hat X When they go to trade the items, the bot realizes it has too many of hat 2 and subtracts it from the trade The value of the other two hats isn't enough to pay for hat X, so the bot cancels the trade and displays a "You cannot afford this" Error The user is not notified at all that hat 2 is overstocked The solutions I would advise is either having the buy menu select a different bot with hat X that isnt overstocked on any of the trade in hats and/or displaying an error that one of the hats they are using to pay is overstocked and therefore cannot be used to buy the item. Hope this is useful.
  2. Lately Ive noticed people in support claiming that their auction fails due to a syntax error, which turns out to be the minimum bid and instant-buy price boxes. I propose a simplified auction price selection system that uses input boxes for each currency rather than needing a specific format which can be easily messed up. Something like Minimum Bid: [9] Keys [2.66] Refined
  3. As Ben said, there are systems in place to ban users marked as a scammer or scammer alt, but it only works when the alt is acually marked on steamrep. Users banned on steamrep can simply make an account and move the items to that account to bypass the auto bans. Its not the software's fault its the fact that scammer alts arnt marked instantly, only when they are discovered
  4. Scrap already has a steam group that announces changes, big raffles, and pretty much everything you described
  5. If keys continue going up, we will eventally see a market crash when refined becomes worthless, as the only working currency would be keys, which cant be made without buying from valve.
  6. Perhaps an option to disable it then? I see what you mean, but i personally find it unnessecary
  7. Ive noticed for awhile that even though bots send trade offers now, they still send messages to my mobile account about the trade. I feel that this is no longer nessicary with the introduction of trade offers and it often floods my phone with notifications that are also displayed on the site
  8. I would personally like a mannpower server as i and several other people i know enjoy playing the gamemode. I dont know if it would be all that popular though. Otherwise i would say alternate gamemode server or custom map server
  9. Ive noticed that there is no notice of the new color regulations for the super donator custom name color in settings. I think it would be a good idea to make a link to the FAQ entry or note about the website used for checking the colors and what the boundaries are near the custom color box (A note next to the box where you enter your color which has a link or note of the color regulations)
  10. Allure

    Rule Clarity

    I second this, i also believe it should be added to the chat rules
  11. There used to be an android app for the chat room, but it wasnt updated when it was rennovated to the current version as Jesse built it to be mobile friendly
  12. http://dev.scrap.tf brings up the "Beta" site. Its generally used to test new features before they are released to the public site. Because its beta it can be a bit glitchy, but occasionally you can catch a glimpse of a unreleased feature. You may need the beta badge to get in though
  13. There was already a scavenger hunt in 2014 for Scrap's birthday. Staff was gonna repeat it but never got around to it
  14. They are probably right if you arnt overclocking. The processor will come with a stock cooling fan.
  15. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/Hsjwt6 -From Luna
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