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  1. There are no timestamps on the photo in question. What are you referring to?
  2. If I may ask, what is an example of evidence that could be used in this case to prove innocence?
  3. As Ben said, there are systems in place to ban users marked as a scammer or scammer alt, but it only works when the alt is acually marked on steamrep. Users banned on steamrep can simply make an account and move the items to that account to bypass the auto bans. Its not the software's fault its the fact that scammer alts arnt marked instantly, only when they are discovered
  4. If keys continue going up, we will eventally see a market crash when refined becomes worthless, as the only working currency would be keys, which cant be made without buying from valve.
  5. I would personally like a mannpower server as i and several other people i know enjoy playing the gamemode. I dont know if it would be all that popular though. Otherwise i would say alternate gamemode server or custom map server
  6. There used to be an android app for the chat room, but it wasnt updated when it was rennovated to the current version as Jesse built it to be mobile friendly
  7. http://dev.scrap.tf brings up the "Beta" site. Its generally used to test new features before they are released to the public site. Because its beta it can be a bit glitchy, but occasionally you can catch a glimpse of a unreleased feature. You may need the beta badge to get in though
  8. They are probably right if you arnt overclocking. The processor will come with a stock cooling fan.
  9. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/Hsjwt6 -From Luna
  10. They were very buggy and not popular enough. Jesse stated in another thread that they will probably never be back
  11. Wrong place for help. Try posting in the Help & Support Forums or looking in the Q&A section. If all else fails, try live support
  12. Why do so many people think Scrap is associated with Steam?

    1. Ezekiel Wedlin

      Ezekiel Wedlin

      scrap.steam.tf when

  13. Some TF2 Scrapbanking video by a tf2 celebrity. I didnt become community active until the 2014 Scavenger hunt though
  14. Used to work there. Wasn't Quite right for me
  15. Batty

    Scrappy Names

    Princess Scraplestia
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