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  1. Hullo there~ Over my thanksgiving break I threw together a (mostly bullshit) graphic presentation for a redesign of the scrap.tf logo I did this for practice and just wanted to put it out there~ This is meant to help practice acquiring a certain type of design style, mostly used when having to learn an entire new style for a specific client.
  2. Alright, I won’t argue with any points given, but I propose a question. whats the difference between a grey user who didnt read the rules, and a P, P+, SP user who read the rules but doesn’t follow them? There is rank bias that still needs to be addressed
  3. Ill cut straight to the point here Get rid of the [ ! ] role. It serves nothing but to label a user as negative. I have seen it used many times as a way to insult and belittle users who do not use the social aspects of the site. WHO CARES about "i hope i win" comments, they aren't hurting anyone, and calling people out for such a small thing and holding a grudge on more than 1,000,000 users is a bit silly??? The same people who complain about "greedy comments" are the same people who demand acknowledgment, which is just as bad. So by their rules, shouldn't they be punished as well, for being just as greedy? People say its the "grey users" who make the majority of these comments, and label them as lower than them, and the only people on the site who do these things. I know it may be a minority (although, a loud minority) who make these claims, but theyre making them nonetheless. I feel it'd be fair for everyone to be grouped in the normal "Blue" User role, regardless of reading the rules. Let's face the facts here. The rules need fixing as well, the current method of "brain wave" tech is outdated and needs a bit of an upgrade. (Though I guess you could have it so only Staff can see if they read rules or not) What's the point of letting normal users see other than to give them a tool to be negative with? Until then, I feel it is unfair to the silent majority of the user base to continue to be insulted and belittled by users who take the [ ! ] role as a stain on users who, maybe, don't use the site as much as them. Hopefully this stuff can be sorted out soon. Thanks~
  4. https://www.dropbox.com/s/xp3xitz171040j7/ScrapLogo_Fixed.svg?dl=0 SVG of rebuilt logo if wanted
  5. Discord Tag: Dima#9964 Chrome dev tools? nope Experience? nope
  6. Ill put my two sense out there about this stuff. I feel the change is very well needed considering the idea that donating came with perks. Theres a few people who donated just to donate, but let's be honest here, most people (the majority of people who don't use the social aspect of the site) wanted the perks. Since no one has really brought up why the change happened and the reasoning, The term "Donating" does not fit the system (or at least, doesn't anymore). "Donating" is giving, not getting. "Premium" makes 200% more sense when it comes to the majority of people who wanted and payed for the perks given with "donating". It probably wont be changed back.
  7. some more custom blobs :blobeyes3: :blobeyes4: :blobstare:
  8. I present to you, Blobrisa! (by me) .svg here (cant use sharex on macs :p): https://www.dropbox.com/s/tavtwfzpkremcvi/Blobrisa_v02.svg?dl=0 Tiny .png version if needed:
  9. I'd say this isnt really a problem unless made a problem. Just ignore/get over it. Its honestly reeeeaaaaalllly easy to.
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