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  1. So I made a raffle, just like any other day. Everything went smoothy. I got the trade offer, I accepted and it went through. Immediately afterwards, I got a notification that I won a raffle. It said I won a vita-saw and a big earner. I accepted it. When the trade offer was sent, it only included the vita-saw. I accepted it anyway, in the naive possibility the other weapon was going to be sent in a separate offer. Then I checked the raffle. It ended 1 year ago. Then I realised that the vita-saw I gave away and the one I received might be the one and the sa
  2. Granted, but it only works for you. I wish I didn't post in this thread the first place.
  3. I'm sure people still use it. It's main function is to 'discard' mass numbers of items in one go and even then, I don't think people have that copious amount of inventory to get rid off everyday. Even when it gets used, incinerator lurkers will probably grab them in under 5 minutes before anyone else gets a look.
  4. Undertale gets an Update Gaster is now a thing (I mean he already was but now, even more so)
  5. Using a public internet connection will give you the IP address error since it's, well, public, and many people use the same connection. So technically you're not bypassing anything. Anyways, this shouldn't be a problem, unless you managed to enter a raffle twice.
  6. It looks like Valve just wanted all the flamethrowers to do the same base damage (for whatever reason) The balancing of underused weapons and some quality-of-life changes (like the crusader crossbow uber gain) is much appreciated. I don't think Valve will drop the game entirely but it's possible they'll just push out updates way less frequently. Still... the RIFT weapons will always be relics of the past, never to be touched at all..
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