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  1. Noticed a lack of Cake emotes for wishing people happy birthday (besides a muffin). So I hope it's not too blurry. :cake:
  2. Found there's no cool blob emote without it being a thinking one; so made this quickly to fill that. :blobsmilecool:
  3. I noticed the chat has lots of emoticons for people to use but the list is pretty long. I was wondering if it's possible to add folders for emoticons that can be grouped together. For Example: " Blobs > Yellow blob emoticons Pony > Pony Emoticons TF2 > Team Fortress 2 Emoticons" Is it possible to add folders to the emoticons listings in scrap.tf chat? If so I would recommend adding folders only for emoticons there are a lot of; if there's 1 - 2 they can be left alone. Just to help make it easier to find them, know where they are without scrolling and allows new emoticons to be added in future without worrying about space. So would this work?
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