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  1. In my opinion, that would be more complicated than what I suggested above - I just want the tipping system to accept custom amounts of tips.
  2. Hello, While tipping a poor raffler (who was conned out of an unusual), I noticed that you can only tip the user one scrap. It's fine for some, but what if you're feeling more generous? I'm suggesting custom tipping amounts, from one scrap all the way up to one ref, possibly more. Thanks for your consideration.
  3. Yeah, I already did this, except it's the Engie's "Nope".
  4. Hello, Some people wish to buy or sell items using real currency, but are unable to do so due to the way that the system works. What I'm suggesting is adding a system like marketplace.tf, where prices for items are set based on either seller preference or autopricing algorithms. Thanks for your consideration.
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