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  1. EmergencyPancakes

    Making auctions for items worth less than 1 ref

    I think 2 and 3 would be the most viable for the community, but then with 3 somebody would need to moderate that, which would mean another member to the staff team or someone doing a bit more work.
  2. EmergencyPancakes

    Auction Ended - Not Paid

    So I had a thingy, someone bid, and they didn't pay in the end. Point is, the auction says "Final Price" in green like a finished, paid auction. A smol feature idea would be text saying "Auction Ended - Not Paid" or something to that effect to notify the auctioneer in the "My Auctions" section.
  3. SCAM! Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig scam going around right now, decline and block.
  4. EmergencyPancakes

    Get rid of bot messages

    It can be annoying from time to time but in the end it can help people get to the trades easier and faster. This also existed before the new steam UI if you paid attention to mobile(you could get notifications saying the trade went through), and it's a common thing with most bots.
  5. EmergencyPancakes

    A server 3 idea

    So while I'm on the server I see a lot in chat "when will the map change" or "why is it stuck on this map" and I kinda think a rotation system could be good for the community. I don't know if this topic has been posted before so bear with me if it's a 2nd or 3rd time. Like some "friendly" servers, maps rotate on a timed basis (say, every 30-60 minutes) to ensure one specific map doesn't get stale or old. What I think we could implement is having Server 3 act like 1, in the fact you can select from a few different idle maps (including Trade Museum) and also have RTV if you want it to change early. As of now I don't have any ideas for other maps or if this idea would even be considered, so... I guess if Jesse okays this he would maybe make a raffle or something to suggest a few? Either way, I think it would let players experience something new without having to leave the people they like in the Scrap.TF community. (and an added bonus would probably make server 3 more active by non-idlers)
  6. EmergencyPancakes

    Refund/Regift Premium Gift

    It's not a bad idea tbh. I also got gifted SP the same day you did and maybe this should be a thing. I feel kinda like I won't use SP to the max so it's not something for me, I was kinda okay with Premium but also happy and grateful for this. So I'll stop rambling, but I'm divided on this.
  7. EmergencyPancakes

    EmergencyPancakes's Application

    Discord Tag: acompletebreakfast#7852 Chrome dev tools? Yeah. Experience? Not software, but did testing and but reports for MCPE.
  8. EmergencyPancakes

    What would you do if you could get a free golden pan?

    Spam it
  9. EmergencyPancakes

    Whats your guys most played guy in the game?

    Engineer with 19