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  1. EmergencyPancakes

    Minimized Trading Bar/ Pop up Boxes

    When a trade is being prepared and is then accepted (or an error occurs) you get this big box on screen that says your trade has gone through (or the reason why it failed). What I would like to see is an option that disabled these pop ups, or converts them into this next idea: Making the "Trade Offer" area even smaller. The area where it says "Your trade is being prepared/Your trade offer is ready" Would be converted into a small box. When your offer is waiting to be made, a red box (the cancel) with the waiting icon will appear, the icon not moving. When your trade is being prepared, the box and icon would stay the same, but with the icon moving. If the trade is prepared correctly, the red box and icon will change to the blue box (the click here button) and a check mark. If the offer is accepted, the box turns green with that same check mark, and disappears after a short time, not interfering with anything else the user is doing on the site. And if the offer fails, the box turns back to red with a question mark. Hovering your mouse over the box would reveal the reason. This box would stay until the mouse had hovered over it, so the user has to know what went wrong.
  2. EmergencyPancakes


    (back at it with the necros) So what I got from the suggestions so far would be this: Rework avatar hats to include a misc slot, separating scarves from the hat selected. Also, adding an option to disable hats and miscs in general settings.
  3. EmergencyPancakes


    Well, thanks for bringing this back up again (as I really wanted somebody to talk about it), and it would be nice for avatars users have where the head is on the right and not the left. And with text in the picture (pun not intended) it really would help users a lot. A whole site disable would also be nice to include, as the amount might slow some users down during the holiday seasons where so many users are wearing hats and with the site themes.
  4. EmergencyPancakes

    Inspect link on decorated weapons

    You are able to customize the item, paint, and quality. It just takes some time to do.
  5. EmergencyPancakes

    Inspect link on decorated weapons

    https://wiki.teamfortress.com/wiki/War_Paint#/media/File:War_Paint_Customize_Wiki.png ... you do realize this IS a thing in game right? Just before you buy something, load up TF2, hit Warpaints in the Items section, then select your stats. You can pick the weapon, paint, and quality.
  6. EmergencyPancakes

    A Progress Bar for the Chat Jukebox

    I don't use the Box much, but seems cool!
  7. EmergencyPancakes

    Show a character limit~

    I think implementing it at the top would be best.
  8. EmergencyPancakes

    A Blue Scarf

    Blue scarf, blue scarf, blue scarf!


    also pearl harbor anniversary, RIP WWII veterans.

  10. EmergencyPancakes

    Keep trading/Steam info on the home page

    Yes, BRING DIS BACK (if possible).
  11. EmergencyPancakes

    "Hide/Show up my raffles" button on public raffles page.

    Again, +1. Seems like a great idea to have, especially when you have a chain/tunnel up.
  12. EmergencyPancakes

    An auction improvement idea

    Well, since Anth did a necro on this, I'll give my two cents. I'd like it. It can help for you to know where you want your savings to go, or to laugh at somebody as they pay waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay overprice for something.
  13. EmergencyPancakes

    Comment Section Notifications

    Weird flex but okay. TBH it seems that it would be useful for some users and not others
  14. EmergencyPancakes


    Smol but simple: Have an option to have avatar hats on the left or right.
  15. EmergencyPancakes

    [Idea] For mega raffle.

    Like Gaia said, the "bots" are just a privacy setting. It's more of an easy complaining system used by the people who want to vent off some anger of not winning something.