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  1. EmergencyPancakes

    An Update to the Scrap.tf Level System.

    So that's just seperating groups, like Users and Premium. I'm still wondering though if something like an actual level system could be implemented into Scrap.tf. Also excuse my stupidity, but why do you need group IDs?
  2. EmergencyPancakes


    That's... kinda already here. Change you name back, hit "update via steam" and then don't mess with your settings for about 3 weeks. (but a manual would be nice...)
  3. EmergencyPancakes

    can we see in which storage bot are auctioned items in?

    Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, that's pretty good! Being honest this would work out well when people have objectors and other decaled items up but Scrap.tf won't load the image for. Maybe a link to the bot's backpack.tf page?
  4. EmergencyPancakes

    fixed Custom URL Bug

    yeah, noticed this as well when trying to make mine 'BreakfastWithSayori"
  5. EmergencyPancakes

    New maps on Server 3

    If I had a pick I'd choose the map from Oot. It seems so large and from the images I found also looks compleate, unlike the ones from MM where it's just Clock town and termina field.
  6. EmergencyPancakes

    Raffle Backgrounds?

    What if colors became inverted due to the theme the user has chosen? the user would get to see the normal (their theme) and negative version (opposite theme)
  7. EmergencyPancakes

    Create another CS:GO skin bot

    CSGO Bot's don't want to work right now. We don't need another one, just waiting for this one to work again.
  8. EmergencyPancakes

    An Update to the Scrap.tf Level System.

    If you've ever been on this page you might have seen the level system before. Well, what if we made it into something more... involved? Just like when Scrap.tf has events (ex. Halloween and Christmas) users are given small tasks, like make a trade with a bot or check the Incinerator. But what if the level system changed to something like this, where completing tasks grants experience to level up? Not only would new users be able to find out how the site works through tasks like setting up a trade URL and making the first trade with a bot, it could also get them more involved, like having them make their first raffles and auctions. And the level numbering would stay similar to the same. Users can be 1-9, Premium 10-29, Premium Plus 30-39, and so forth. Current users would start at the minimum rank for their group (etc. a Premium Plus user would start at 30) This could be accessed by a new badge (which I don't have a prototype example of) that would have a number and color change with each rank. There could be 2 task types: Daily and Starting Up. Daily would be 1-3 tasks that change daily (like Trade with a Hat Bot or Try Out (insert new feature)), and Starting Up would encompass things that every user needs to "do", like Setting up your Trade URL, Join the Steam Group, and Create your First Raffle. And when a user reaches the max, the Starting Up could have a task for Premium upgrades. After a user become Premium, Premium becomes Premium Plus, etc, the Starting Up would change to Explore. Explore would show what more you can do, such as avatar GIFs and having the max raffles up increased. ... and that's kinda it. Just something to get new users more involved, and veteran users something to show off.
  9. EmergencyPancakes

    Disallow skins for auctions.

    Would be a good idea, but maybe could also allow a filter for the grades and if the war paint has been used. Example: You only want Ranks Minimal Wear and above, and the War Paint has not been made into a weapon yet.
  10. EmergencyPancakes

    Removing/Changing the default raffle length time

    Yes, pls do this. Or default it to 24 since that's the length of 80% of the site raffles
  11. EmergencyPancakes

    Making auctions for items worth less than 1 ref

    I think 2 and 3 would be the most viable for the community, but then with 3 somebody would need to moderate that, which would mean another member to the staff team or someone doing a bit more work.
  12. EmergencyPancakes

    Auction Ended - Not Paid

    So I had a thingy, someone bid, and they didn't pay in the end. Point is, the auction says "Final Price" in green like a finished, paid auction. A smol feature idea would be text saying "Auction Ended - Not Paid" or something to that effect to notify the auctioneer in the "My Auctions" section.
  13. SCAM! Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig scam going around right now, decline and block.
  14. EmergencyPancakes

    Get rid of bot messages

    It can be annoying from time to time but in the end it can help people get to the trades easier and faster. This also existed before the new steam UI if you paid attention to mobile(you could get notifications saying the trade went through), and it's a common thing with most bots.
  15. EmergencyPancakes

    A server 3 idea

    So while I'm on the server I see a lot in chat "when will the map change" or "why is it stuck on this map" and I kinda think a rotation system could be good for the community. I don't know if this topic has been posted before so bear with me if it's a 2nd or 3rd time. Like some "friendly" servers, maps rotate on a timed basis (say, every 30-60 minutes) to ensure one specific map doesn't get stale or old. What I think we could implement is having Server 3 act like 1, in the fact you can select from a few different idle maps (including Trade Museum) and also have RTV if you want it to change early. As of now I don't have any ideas for other maps or if this idea would even be considered, so... I guess if Jesse okays this he would maybe make a raffle or something to suggest a few? Either way, I think it would let players experience something new without having to leave the people they like in the Scrap.TF community. (and an added bonus would probably make server 3 more active by non-idlers)