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  1. Fatuous fartlek (I DARE you to find the meaning of these, neither are what they seem at first sight)
  2. A raffle was about to end, didn't notice it was THAT close. When I hit enter, the comment showed up on my side about 6 times. It didn't send it 6 times, it only appeared on my side 6 times, refreshing the page made it go back to normal. The page refreshed on it's own so I didn't have enough time to take a screenshot. It's not a huge deal but something strange happens to comments when the raffle ends.
  3. This pretty much fits in the same category. When Searching for "awp" a bot named "S1" seems to have it. Clicking it does nothing.
  4. Arnold once explained it perfectly, search it! "Arnold Explains the Meaning of Life" and click "I'm Feeling Lucky" You too shall be enlightened by his wisdom.
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