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  1. dont ban me if this suggestion is considered spam
  2. Ok i did made a suggestion thing before about things like getting items in advanced and the comments their were very very useful about how my suggestion is a bad idea. How people can get unusuals early and people having no chance getting items but i thought it out, and i dont know if this may work even though my ideas are bad and im just saying this for some poeple. (i think) back to the subject, i did see the comments of my last suggestion which got rejected obviously and theirs logical things people said. So i changed some things but might be rejected but ill just say. poeple can only get items in advance that under 5 to 10 refined, people have limits to what they can get like 1 per day, or week, or month but they're is alot of people using scrap.tf hmm, maybe only people who has premium or people who have donated. Those who did not pay will be banned from scrap and..... huh did not really thought this through. Welp ill just wait for the comments.
  3. can we get a thing where we can buy stuff later and get the item now? but their is a limit maybe a week? and when that pass. they`ll be banned for a while or permanently
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