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  1. wdym what you should do with it? start making profit!, if you got the patience and will to learn, look at some updated trading guides and get started!, it's gonna be a slow process but in the end it does become rewarding
  2. No there isn't a "join all raffles button", and those who tried making one themselves suffered the consequences, u gotta work them fingers to join each raffle individually
  3. mmm Dental Implants, i'd actually rather have an all-class hat, because then you can make it work somehow, people with bad taste see this as a win/win :bloblol:
  4. Demoman is LEWD - Loves Explosive Weapons Dearly
  5. To be able to add friends on steam you need to be "premium" on steam, and as far as i know the only way is to spend 5$ on the platform, and the only way for you to add funds to your steam account is via gift cards, or by using a credit card since the Steam Community Market is also locked until you spend them 5$, sooooo there's not much you can do i'm affraid, maybe get someone you trust to give you a gift card in exchange for 2 or 3 of your TF2 keys
  6. There is one drawback though, the queue time is 2 years long, do you accept?
  7. Naaaaaaaaaah i'm sure i got here just in time :bloblol:
  8. if you removed your steam guard, any trades made will have a 2 week hold, and i don't think Scrap.TF allows you to trade at all if you don't have steam guard. so you'll have to re-enable the steam guard and wait 15 days.
  9. i too have been finding random posts to comment on and react and stuff to get 'em fancy ranks, why? i have no idea i liek collecting badges and stuff
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