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  1. The idea i have in mind is a "timezone selector"


    This option would allow you to start the raffle at a certain time within someone else's timezone, for example i want to make a private raffle for someone, and i want it to start at 5 pm for THEM, this will make it easier, as i don't have to manually go and check their time, to then adjust mine so it lines up with THEIRS, like i don't have to add or subtract "x" hours to my current time.


    i don't know if it's clear, it's kinda hard to explain :blobsweats:

  2. On 10/6/2019 at 5:17 PM, 3xlneet #ScrapTF said:


    Do you mean this?




    Also users are required to accept our rules before using our community features.

    Then how do people keep joining in for these reasons, i mean, if they see the gray button down there they sure see the blue button up there 😛

  3. Update the rules/add a reminder when entering the chat that shows the rules.


    As for the rules log: Maybe add "no trading/advertising trades on chat" and "no asking for help on chat"

    this is meant to stop users joining the chat to trade / ask for help, getting kicked because they didn't know these rules existed :csdsmile:

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