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  1. I know that we already have a site for the emojis, but how about sorting them by type rather than alabetical(on that page). All blobs together, all mlp in a group, etc.
  2. Oh boy can’t wait to spam this lol
  3. I like that you guys are trying to freshen the site up, but the background kinda hurts my eyes. Also please fix this.
  4. Minor bug, but when typing a comment on a raffle/profile, on IOS, it shows the autofill contact option rather than spellcheck. Photo attached:
  5. Has to be 128x128 or a multiple of that
  6. A rather simple idea, allows a person to edit their comment, Incase of spelling or otherwise. At the top of the comment, beside the user’s name, it would say “(edited)” one could click on that to show the original post, to prevent trolling.
  7. I have some ideas that I would like to share and hope they get taken in to consideration. First of all, there is my post about being able to raffle Marketplace.tf gift cards Second of all, When you get a notification, there should be a color difference between... A.Winning a raffle/megaraffle. (Red) B.Winning a auction (Orange) C. Receiving a comment (Yellow) If more than one of these exist at one time, The notication bar will show said colors. Next up is auto refreshing on auctions and raffles, so that comments can account in real time. This would be simple to implement, as the Megaraffle does this already. Minor thought here, on autions, if one duble clicks on a item, it will take them to the corrisponding backpack.tf page for that item. This is to be able to reduce, the amount of autions that lie about the backpack.tf price. At the very least, it would allow a quick way to see if they are lying. More emojisNever enough👌. Anywho, these where some of my ideas for scrap.tf. And I hope they get taken into consideration!
  8. I have come up with a nice idea that perhaps should be included. This idea is the Ablity to raffle Marketplace.tf Giftcards here! Considering that Geel owns both Scrap and Marketplace, I think it would be able to work. It would also promote the website as well.
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