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  1. for pyro that space axe thing, it IS a straight upgrade. third degree, was it?
  2. Pretty much this. This isn't mine, but it's an example, all I need is a 10 - 15 second clip of what you want played from a dispenser, and give me 30 minutes.
  3. hitting my head against desks is fun

  4. When being sent pm's in home, you get the senders nsfw and non-nsfw photo repeatedly switching, as seen here [redacted] I didn't have #erp open, so it couldnt be that.
  5. Dr. Miserable is the easiest achievement in the game, even easier then the "No One Cared Who I Was" Achievement!
  6. meh I like that video but I didn't really want to post it in chat because the obvious.
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