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  1. Except if you're buying an item with parts, because you may want that item just because it has those parts.
  2. Taliyeh

    Best Wep In Tf2

    for pyro that space axe thing, it IS a straight upgrade. third degree, was it?
  3. Pretty much this. This isn't mine, but it's an example, all I need is a 10 - 15 second clip of what you want played from a dispenser, and give me 30 minutes.
  4. I'll be rich, I tell ya, RICH! if i had buds
  5. hitting my head against desks is fun

  6. Taliyeh

    PM bug.

    When being sent pm's in home, you get the senders nsfw and non-nsfw photo repeatedly switching, as seen here [redacted] I didn't have #erp open, so it couldnt be that.
  7. All I can hear is "Kill me..."
  8. Dr. Miserable is the easiest achievement in the game, even easier then the "No One Cared Who I Was" Achievement!
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