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    DBZ, Trigun, Cowboy Bebop and Gurren Lagann are all up the top of my list.
  2. Not weird, just annoying. Here's another one... https://scrap.tf/raffles/UZQ1AK He even wonders why no one is entering... Maybe it's the ambiguity of the clue "it's a number". Seriously people.
  3. It keeps happening. Hints like: it's a number no one would guess this password it's so easy These aren't actual puzzles and are incredibly annoying. Making a puzzle raffle should be an actual puzzle, making it so ambiguous is just frustrating and I wish people would stop doing it.
  4. Yeah, plenty of bronies and furries. I just wonder why TF2 attracts such people.
  5. I guess no one wants to contribute, furry/brony or otherwise... I was just curious as there seems to be a lot of furries and bronies in the TF2 community.
  6. It seems that TF2 attracts a lot of furries. Just curious as to why that is and also the age of furries in this community.
  7. There are more types of addictions than those caused by drug use.
  8. The way OP's post was worded I first assumed it was a spam thread.
  9. I voted Matt Smith, he's the Doctor I have seen the most of and compared to David Tennant, who I still have seen quite a bit of, I just prefer his style. Not just the bow tie or fez but his personality really worked for me. I haven't seen season 8 yet though, I've only seen season 7 and episodes here and there with other doctors.
  10. CUD

    GTA Online

    Nope because it's not out on PC yet.
  11. I'm lovin' this map too. One of my favourite pl maps. *cacti
  12. Under Pyro's suit is another suit.
  13. Wish my upload speed were higher but I can't really complain considering this is faster than 91% of Australia.
  14. Happiness. I think in the end if you truly enjoy what you have done in your life and all you have achieved then I can't see how that would be a bad life. That being said, that isn't exactly a meaning to life and I wouldn't say there is a meaning to life really. Life is life, you live and then you die. What we do before we die is what's important but what your life means is what you as an individual want it to mean.
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