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  1. Yeah, I am wondering if authorities should be involved - not because of the scam but because this guy is drawing back money / using fake credit cards and probably earns a lot of money of this. I sure know that I myself had no clue this scam existed - until someone tells you who knows, that's why I thought I would share it. Thanks for your reply mate.
  2. Okay guys, so thought I should let you all know on this new scam method that got me. I wish to raise awareness to stop other people for fooling for it. I am an experienced trader with around 900 hours on TF2 and 400 on CSGO, I am not new to trading and thought I knew all the scam methods - but I didn't. So I get a message from this guy saying "Hey is your knife for sale?" - at this moment I was doing CSGO trading so I was selling a StatTrak M9 Bayonet Safari Mesh which my grandma had purchased for me before this (she is no longer with us) which held a lot of sentimental
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