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  1. Ah, the power of programming. Programming has created many things, like video games, applications, devices, and even this website you're seeing right now! There are many programming languages out there, some not being well known, and others that are the most popular to fellow programmers. However, many debates occur over which language is superior. I want the scrap.tf community's opinion on this to determine which language will take home the honors of being the community's choice on scrap.tf. I have gathered some of the most popular programming languages that people use like the beginner-friendly Python to more complicated languages like C++. However, if your preferred language is not on the poll, you can choose "Other" on the poll. If you wish to comment your preferred language down on this thread, go ahead. Also, you can debate with other people's opinion, but please do not cause a flame war. Let's have a friendly discussion here. May the best language win. good luck.
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