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  1. No, I Command Thee Anime Universe To Close This Thread NOW!
  2. kingofgames

    The cookie

    I start to cry and amidst you trying to calm me down i steal the cookie
  3. True I predict the next person doesn't know what ecchi is.
  4. Raffle 99 Weps and A Collecter's Chemistry Set/ Keys/ Ref/ Nothing
  6. False I Predict the Next Person is Older than me (*11)
  7. kingofgames

    The cookie

    I get 666 Satan and sends you to eternal divine punishment in hell with no escape, and the cookie drops on to the ground, I fetch it and slowly start to eat it.
  8. Banned because of lecturing me and i know how to GIF, just the size, THE SIZE IS SO ANNOYING
  9. 11. Get Market Gardened with BaseJumper 12. Get Killed By Ubersaw Taunt 13. Get Killed By Home Run Taunt 14. Get Killed by Kamikaze Taunt 15. Get Killed by Fencing Taunt 16. Get Killed by Force Of Nature Knockback 17. Get Killed by w+m1 pyro 18. Get killed by Sun-On-A-Stick 19. Get Killed by Sandman Ball 20. Get Killed by Sharpened Volcano Fragment 21. Get Killed By Mantreads
  10. True I predict the next person is bored and going through the forum
  11. Oh My I Spy Someone Closing This Thread *go on, close it*
  12. kingofgames

    The cookie

    I drop a custom created nuke that doesn't destroy cookies, I drop it on you and kill everyone. With no one around i take the cookie and lick it
  13. Banned Because of having a favorite game
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