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  1. You are banned because of having 54 posts
  2. True I predict the next person is a boy
  3. You are banned because of having 2 O's in your username.
  4. True I predict someone will answer this post/ post on this thread
  5. Comment on this----> "Comment On This"

    1. kingofgames


      "Comment On This"

    2. iProcyonæ


      "Comment On This" :3

  6. False I predict that the next person likes Donkeys (ASS)
  7. You are banned for being a Grammar Nazi
  8. Wish Granted, Pistachios weigh 10 tons and crash through the roof crushing you I wish i could eat
  9. False The next person will say false
  10. Granted. The pizzas are rotten and are poisoned I wish I could be an Anime character
  11. Good Job (*shh its a strange box)
  12. Wish Granted , Llama dies 5 seconds later I wish to have a harem (Non-Ugly-Fat-Disgusting) (Offensive Yes)
  13. 7/10 Nice Beat but don't like genre https://youtu.be/IO7t7fRk4IU I don't know how to do it (Safari) (Mac)
  14. Ur Banned because of banning me
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