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  1. So, the filler text for the scrap.tf chatbox, like those "Say something interesting~", "Say something wonderful~", etc. i would like to suggest "Say something epic~" and "Say something cool~" T'is a pretty short request, hope you like it.
  2. I haven't seen this in the Rejected, so here goes. An extra arrow ( >> ) next to the existing arrow that puts you right to either the end or the start of your joined/won raffle history. Would be useful if you want to know which raffle was your first to be entered or won. Especially if you joined a lot.
  3. a transparent version of : smughat : removes the green bit
  4. It would be cool if there was a tab under Unusual banking to sell Taunt Unusualifiers. I know that its possible to auction it off but it would be a bit more convinient to sell Unusualifiers straight off the bat. Thanks
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