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  1. I did report it, but they didn't do anything...
  2. They did. at the end of the video. they asked for people to like and subscribe.
  3. Is General rule 2 being acted on or not? for example: https://scrap.tf/raffles/L0LR1E Advertising their own channel; but they've been upfront about it, so they seem to be in the right (morally). However, the rule would mean that this user should be temporarily banned for self-advertising - and what about the mentioning of discord servers? because even though that would be less of an advertisement that showing your own youtube channel (less chance of profit), it is more ban-worthy than self-promoting your youtube videos. please change/update this rule to make the website a better place. thank you, ~ Lofi On Hifi
  4. Very good point but i must say... I believe for me the mobile authenticator needed to be active for 15 days on scrap.tf before and bots would make a trade.
  5. Genuinely just looked to make sure someone had made this suggestion after doing exactly like you said:
  6. The idea of this is to allow a user who is temporarily banned to be reported further (i.e. extend their ban) if they are still actively going against community rules (other than what got them banned in the first place). For example, a user who advertises themselves can be banned for one week, but if they react poorly and are attempting to harass the admins/mods afterwards; they could have their ban extended due to multiple breaches of site rules. At the moment, if a user is currently temporarily banned, you aren't allowed to report them for also continuing to break site rules until their ban period ends, even if their previous ban would prove insignificant to their later actions.
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