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  1. That could be really fun, maybe there is to get people to vote on it to increase the chances of DB getting added to server 2
  2. Well wolfie, there is a special function to let Scrap.tf know you read the rules, you really got to pay attention (I read hard but not hard enough the first time), I , however, can't specifically tell you how to really "read" it, because that would be a violation of the rules
  3. About 2 days ago, I found out my computer wasn't running on 244fps (🤦‍♂️) so I changed it in my Nvidia graphics card settings. It is amazing, but for some reason, I am perceiving movement IRL as it would look like in game as 244fps. Something that isn't yanny or laurel for once
  4. Is there an alternate way to die other than manually switching teams by pressing "."?
  5. Heavy needs to be heavily reworked to even be picked for VSH
  6. Can we also get people to stop saying "Bots always win" and "I want to win the key" in the megaraffle
  7. To that list, please add "bots always win" & "I want to win the key", It plagues the mega raffle a lot
  8. Can we bring back the win percentage pls
  9. if you had a place to download the assets (maps, sounds, etc ) for your server ahead of time, that would be nice. It would benefit people with slow wifi like me. Potato lets you download his Titanium Tank maps ahead of time, so that's where I got this idea from.
  10. I think there is also a way to develop skills for google home. but thanks for the feedback
  11. I thought that Alexa Integration would be pretty cool. I am not sure what it should do, but I think it should start with being able to tell you your notifications, like won raffles or auctions. It would take an expert programmer though, and I don't even know how to code. The Skill does allow it to be regularly updated. If you're interested on where to make your own Alexa skills, https://developer.amazon.com/ is the place to be.
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