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  1. Discord Tag: LoneReborn#0973 Chrome dev tools? To some extent Experience? I have self tested some of my own software as well as being part of a closed beta team for a game called PickCrafter
  2. I would agree with this or at least allow certain items to be based off prices suggested by the auctioning community. Also new items should not be allowed to bid or should be bid with a lower item factor. (E.g. the yeti heavy set is overpriced and is the bane of any low value auction)
  3. I'm a common user of scrap.tf on my phone is there any room for a simple android/iOS app. I'm sure I could make a simple one of you wanted and publish it. Contact me if you would like it.
  4. Most items you just need 200 of them + a chemistry kit. I've already got a professional killstreak kit ready to put on to it as well. I think the rarest weapons are strange collector's professional killstreak weapons. Unfortunately liberty launcher doesn't have a strangifier so collector's professional killstreak will have to do XD.
  5. I'm getting a collector's liberty launcher. It's just a rare version of the weapon with about 165 in existence but I'm still 20 shot because backpack space is limited XD so I'm going to have to craft some killstreak kits.
  6. Well I got a collector's chemistry set and need to complete it so I took all 152 of scrap.tf's available stock :/. Update: Found 28 more only 20 to go but I need more backpack space to do in one go XD
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