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  1. :reapsmug: :AYAYA: I had to do it at one point.
  2. I would guess it's because prices are too unstable for killstreak items. They fluctuate nearly every day.
  3. Eh, I kinda have to disagree on that. I always like it when I'm informed that my auction has ended even if the winner hasn't paid his bid yet.
  4. Reaper ♡

    cross banking

    It would be nice, but you can always just bank your knife first and then buy the unusual with the pure that you get (and vice versa if applicable).
  5. The Prinny Machete is a really cool reskin imo. Only thing that throws me off is the lack of a strange variant.
  6. Galil AR | Stone Cold (Steve Austin). ... I've only ever opened 1 case.
  7. The respected raffler badge was given to the top 5 rafflers at the time of its creation. As the top 5 changed, the badges went from one profile to another. Eventually they just stopped monitoring the top 5 and the badges have just stayed on certain users' profiles since. It would be nice for this to be updated, but it's only a profile badge and not really a necessity.
  8. I second this, many people were banned unfairly (like myself) and it sucks that they are banned from ALL future secret santas. It would take a lot of time to go through all the appeals for sure, but it's no different to going through appeals for regular site bans.
  9. I think so for Deathrun, pretty much everyone I know loves Deathrun. Slender Fortress maybe not.
  10. Deathrun and Slender Fortress are just as popular, maybe even more popular on TF2 than GMod.
  11. Announcements about switching game modes could also be done via public raffles or even a public announcement on the home page of ScrapTF. Either way, I like this idea.
  12. I don't even think the bronies here would even like that. I sure as hell wouldn't either. x)
  13. This already exists in the server.
  14. People tend to get bored of playing regular maps all the time, so it would be nice to mix things up. Also having max 16 people on a server would be a bad idea because when the servers are active it's usually full with 24 people (plus sometimes more waiting to join). But that's just my opinion.
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