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  1. Haxxit

    Liking Comments

    Um i said that prople shouldnt be able to ask for likes or do stuff like that
  2. Haxxit

    Liking Comments

    So my idea is for comments on raffles/profiles to be able to be Liked such as youtube comments. Maybe no dislike button because of negativity but then you can like comments what i think should happen is: 1. Add a like button but not dislike button to comments to prevent negativitey and encourage positivitey 2. To make a counter on the persons account showing how many likes they have gotten total 3. Make it so people can not like their own comments 4. Make it so people can not beg for likes 5. Make it against the rules to use alts/ ask friends to like your comments 6. (Possibly) add a like button for raffles so people can like raffles if they enjoyed them but can’t spare a scrap In the end you can use this as some sort of rep for scrap.tf users thank you for your timr
  3. Haxxit

    Remove certain profile buttons

    it was rejected but they did it any way ....
  4. Haxxit


    As it says nick. for example I am using a in game halloween name but i do not want it to be my scrap.tf name or something such i wish for the ability for people to be able to set a nickname for themself so that people will know who they are when they make raffles etc.
  5. Haxxit

    Remove certain profile buttons

    on profiles you can check peoples reps on different websites its probably a good idea to now remove tf2outpost since its closed and probably get ready to remove bazaar.tf's since its closing
  6. Haxxit

    Scrap-Rec-Ref Exchange

    Hey sometimes im on my phone and Want to Turn scrap to rec or ref or ref to rec or scrap etc and dont want to have to goto my computer and craft or wait for it to be valid by bp.tf so i can trade it so i wish for a system that alows us to convert from ref to scrap and stuff like that then its quicker bptf bot trades and everything it wuld make getting exct price hella lot easier thx
  7. Haxxit

    Suggestion: Make Full raffles obvious

    I feel stupid now For two reasons 1. didnt realise that 2. I forgot my other idea which was my best
  8. You know how when you enter a raffle and then see it in the menu again its Shaded abit to show that you entered it. When raffles are out of room for new members it should have thta same effect so people dont click on something they cant join
  9. Haxxit

    Game Banking Suggestions Thread

    PlayerUnknown battlegrounds (Pubg)
  10. Discord Tag: Haxxit#1470 Chrome dev tools? Sadly no Experience? Yes I have a discord bot which i had to be a tester many times etc I have hour of experience
  11. Haxxit

    Game Banking Suggestions Thread

    The Escapists - was on sale once before The escapists 2 - was on sale When it came out And is awesome