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  1. Besides the conscientious object thing I rethink it now i wasnt thinking before Fair point i felt worried because I got extremely stressed out that my Raffle was stretching to far and i would get banned for it even though i didnt i felt like there would be a need for that i wasnt thinking fast enogh and had second thoughts after i already published the raffle . My idea is stupid now that i rethink more calmly sorry.. any way i can cancel the suggestion..
  2. I once was trading away weapons for acrap it glitched and in the trade Took my conscientious objector so..
  3. A way for us to shutdown raffles incase we acidently Raffle a Unusual or realise we are to close to the rules and dont wanna get banned. Tips would be returned to tippers. Maybe if it can be used for troll make it so its like a Report your own raffle feature so a mod could close it if you have a Big reason why you need to close your own raffle
  4. For auctions and raffles there are sometikes problems like steam being unstable and scrap not being able to find your inventory or just a bug stopping you from publishing your raffle so my suggestion is put a save as draft but so if like steams down and you can not trade or something you can simply save it as a draft and no rewrite the whole thing later. About copying and pasting you cant get it all at once especially for Raffles with really long descriptions on phone its hard to copy it all and you cant get the title desc and entered messge all at once. And sometimes you realise you have to go right that seconds and dont have time to trade items nor Copy and paste (happend to me before) which is why i am making this suggestion to save us thank you for your time
  5. Pls add The Escapists 2 4 ref for the Escapists 2 Lowest Price In Steam For U.S Was 7.99 Awesome Game Loved It
  6. It was a great map and on their for a while i say add it to the roster so players have atleast the choice of it i mean what could the downside be m8?
  7. if you see from my point their some where in a complicated way their seems to be a system to this which makes it all balanced out and work like a charm just gotta figure it out using my brain as if this was calculus
  8. more complicated solutions to problems could be add a Bidding inventory to fix 5 max but that might not rlly help. Another is to let people use tips to bid. another is to make all these items go to other bots to feed different economies then make them like ur inventory for bids so then when a auctions completed all other bots gather the rewards and send them to one bot which trades them to a buyer kind of like a bank saving a little extra. As for cosmetics make it so like bots buy cosmetics/other bid items from bp.tf instantly or market place.tf instantly if they were already sold so they can send those in to the trading and such. Its way more complicated but could work. so then bots fund each other. and can control bids as long as the economy in scrap.tf doesn't completely crash and someone takes care of it it should work like a beauty
  9. So then from that people can make it their choice (I have a friend who keeps getting Extreme bids by people making sure others can't bid on their raffles currently
  10. maybe make it a choice before each raffle so that people can select that so that people on their own can stop people from like bidding massive amounts then not paying up if someone keeps doing that to them (Like my friend) so then it could stop that but make its choice for people to have on so if they think it would actually Help them instead of cause them trouble they enable it if they don't disable it if they think people would bid in more then 5 disable it etc
  11. I didn't realize 5 was the max rip I was mentioning people could mass trade so that they could bid even if its raised which I think would catch on eventually but 5 welp rip this idea
  12. Also this would prevent mistakes like people accidentally clicking the wrong item without realising because the item wouldn't be in their site inventory and give them extra time to think while their depositing their items if their gonna regret their bid or not ( I once made a bid I regret the guy was kind enough to reject the bid for me)
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