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  1. I guess the option is in-game? Since I also checked on Steam and there was no such box. Although I'm confused since I recall that in-game it opens a steam webpage about your achievements so you see the same stuff. 🤔
  2. Well, you get certain items in TF2 if you have achievements in specific games and not everyone will be willing to complete them since they don't care. Also, believe me, a lot of people don't really care about them in general or don't give a second thought to what they are actually doing when they use cheats. (I was young and I was dumb too can't really change my mistakes...)
  3. Roooonaaaaald! Maaaaaarvaaaaaash! Faaaaaxoooon! Maaaaaax! Spheeeeel! (sry if I missed any or f-ed up the names) Also any other hint?
  4. Well, the difference is that the "Festive Minigun" was only obtainable with the Naughty Winter Crate (#35) which cannot be opened anymore thus making it more unique compared to the "Festivized Minigun" which can be obtained by getting a "Festivizer" and then applying it on the stock minigun. Meaning there's unlimited stock for the "Festivized Minigun" as long as there's "Festivizer" (which could be used on better things, waaay better things). Now as for the price, I'm not sure I couldn't find a price on the "Festivized Minigun" but a "Festive Minigun" is worth ~1,70€, a "Festivizer" is worth ~2€ buuuuut once you apply the "Festivizer" it loses it's base value and applying it on a stock gun probs make the price drop a lot. So I would guess the "Festive Minigun" is worth more than the "Festivized Minigun".
  5. Well, there's no chance for that sadly... but I would re-buy all of them if it would happen though.
  6. Not sure if it's a joke or a custom emote suggestion.
  7. Well, this is not the right topic to post it in also you could search around and see that a lot of people are having issues with the cs:go bot and the problem is always that the bot inventory is full (although it might not always be the case). If you have issues with scrap.tf make a support ticket here: https://forum.scrap.tf/forum/33-help-support/ next time.
  8. Glad someone else wrote it out Also as of why raffle winners are different is since (if I'm not mistaken) they have a time frame to accept(/get) their winnings thus making the scenario Shiny Substitute mentioned less severe. Not sure about the other way but I think that's gotta do something with then the bot being able to remember occupied spaces. Since if the bot gets full before your trade hold expires you have to wait again.
  9. Oy! Glad to hear that! although don't go overboard with gaming
  10. Oy! Since the problem revolves around scarp.tf you should post it here. (red text) Although if you get the trade offer but it says error occurred if I'm not mistaken that's on Steam's side. (but I might be wrong)
  11. Well not sure where your first post went but it doesn't seem like I can take a look at it. Also, if you want to try such a thing maybe post evidence (pictures of the trade). On top of that just to clarify, was it the item banking or auction? Btw I'm no mod but if you provide more info you help mods and thus yourself.
  12. If you want to raffle more, or really want to "upgrade" your scrap.tf profile, maybe.
  13. It's permanent, you only need to "buy" it once.
  14. Jesse stated the site no longer accepts cs:go items due to recent changes. See post
  15. If you want to have items I guess it's for the best. But if you have time maybe watch a lot of videos about trading to give you a general idea (recent ones), or see guides etc. If neither then just cash it out with a minimal loss I guess while you still can? Best of luck with the decision though!
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