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  1. Rbn

    Minimized Trading Bar/ Pop up Boxes

    But why?
  2. Rbn

    Editing raffle comments

    Was able to delete before but they changed it since "people can post mean comments then delete it" or something along the lines so if they even take away that there's no chance for edit since that would cause the same issue. Three other same suggestion this year (not including the ability to delete ofc.) #1 , #2 , #3 . #2 also includes some potential reasoning why it's not been implemented yet.
  3. Rbn

    Why Is There No Garfield Emotes Yet?

    Not sure if it's a joke or a custom emote suggestion.
  4. Rbn

    An Entirely New System of Secret Santa

    This was the main reason I agreed since I was so angry seeing people complaining. (Although people getting "mad" over the just pure or not relevant item gifts are kinda justified) I also agree with you Gaia's Minion and Mr-Fluf but man oh man the whole kind-hearted event get's destroyed for me because of these handfuls of profit-seeking bunch. Even though I didn't enter but afterward seeing the complains I was glad and mad because I feared that maybe I wouldn't give an expensive enough gift so I didn't enter and then I saw those messages... Hopefully, it's just me who gets worked up after things like this
  5. Rbn

    An Entirely New System of Secret Santa

    Well, it's either "nothing Secretish " or the "I gave more then what I got in return" and from what I see more people want to exchange gifts at this point rather then just gift one another (or at least this is what I see based on scrap discord). Also, am pretty sure you can get creative even with a price limit it's not that revealing (could indeed trim down the possibilities but it is still a large pool).
  6. Rbn

    An Entirely New System of Secret Santa

    Part I. Agreed with most of it! An option which you could choose at the beginning indeed sound nice and makes the whole thing easier. Like price ranges, for example: 1+ ref, 5+ ref, 15+ ref etc. etc. Although finding the correct "price steps(?)" could deem problematic and Grinches could still cheat the system by buying overpriced stuff although I'm not sure if those are fixed or would be fixed before the event and also a little protection against multiple items like: 100 x [item name here]. (You did touch on this topic but it's a major issue.) And then a second option after the selected price where you could select "match with same price range" or "generous" which is like you said just selects a random recipient for the generous Santa. Part II. Although it does sounds kinda ok but why not just use the same system (which is used to look up the prices) to look up the items which you want to gift to your recipient? (maybe even with a preview, if they are too lazy to check the trades tab to see what costs what). Since maybe they buy those items from the marketplace or from somewhere else where they could trade them at a cheaper price (I know it sounds stingy :P). Overall I agree with the general idea.
  7. Rbn

    Future Secret Santa Suggestions

    1. Well, I've done numerous amount of trades (since I get the weapons which I raffle off from scrap) but till this day my profile only shows 0 which means that's an issue (but Pacca and Remi mentioned that part already). 3. How about you have to fill in a desc. about items or just classes, you want to receive gifts for. For example: "Hey Secret Santa! I'm a scout main, but I also enjoy playing spy a lot. I have a lot of weapons/cosmetics but not much cosmetics/weapons for these classes. etc. etc." (This way even if there's a switch the filled in desc. will be shown to the new Secret Santas so they have an easier job if the recipient is busy like Mr-Fluf said.) Agreed on all the other points.
  8. Rbn

    Bernie Bot

    Well, this is not the right topic to post it in also you could search around and see that a lot of people are having issues with the cs:go bot and the problem is always that the bot inventory is full (although it might not always be the case). If you have issues with scrap.tf make a support ticket here: https://forum.scrap.tf/forum/33-help-support/ next time.
  9. Rbn


    Well, you sort of have a point but scrap.tf is not about that kind of comments (at least I think so). This is not a place for it so if the logs don't show them(I guess there were no logs to speak of since you can't delete anymore or smthin) it's better this way since toxicity will be cut off or the very least is punished. It is a pain in the butt for me too but eyy at least you'll think twice before you enter a message next time
  10. Rbn

    New CS:GO bots

    Uhm... you were even part of this conversation not long ago. There are Guidelines for suggestions (text with grey background).
  11. Rbn

    Why is scrap.tf against trade holds?

    Glad someone else wrote it out Also as of why raffle winners are different is since (if I'm not mistaken) they have a time frame to accept(/get) their winnings thus making the scenario Shiny Substitute mentioned less severe. Not sure about the other way but I think that's gotta do something with then the bot being able to remember occupied spaces. Since if the bot gets full before your trade hold expires you have to wait again.
  12. Rbn


    Oy! Glad to hear that! although don't go overboard with gaming
  13. Rbn

    Get rid of bot messages

    What I'm sayin but then why has it not been removed? I always got the messages on my phone that I've got a trade offer even though I can hear it (thanks to the browser sound) and of course I know it since I just "requested the trade" (there is another I get "the trade was successful" although this is helpful? with steam being a d**k sometimes) but thanks to the new UI, showing up on PC can be a nuisance especially if you trade a lot. So I guess the lower part was part of my curiousness not knowing why is this still a thing. Best of luck with the suggestion!
  14. Oy! Since the problem revolves around scarp.tf you should post it here. (red text) Although if you get the trade offer but it says error occurred if I'm not mistaken that's on Steam's side. (but I might be wrong)
  15. Rbn

    Get rid of bot messages

    I see what you mean now and I somewhat agree. Little inconvenient but then again some people might need it. For instance, if you click offer trade and then you close the site or have the browser on mute only steam can notify you about your trade being available. (not sure who would do this but I guess this feature is for a reason...)