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  1. DrLordRobin

    Bernie Bot

    Well, this is not the right topic to post it in also you could search around and see that a lot of people are having issues with the cs:go bot and the problem is always that the bot inventory is full (although it might not always be the case). If you have issues with scrap.tf make a support ticket here: https://forum.scrap.tf/forum/33-help-support/ next time.
  2. DrLordRobin


    Well, you sort of have a point but scrap.tf is not about that kind of comments (at least I think so). This is not a place for it so if the logs don't show them(I guess there were no logs to speak of since you can't delete anymore or smthin) it's better this way since toxicity will be cut off or the very least is punished. It is a pain in the butt for me too but eyy at least you'll think twice before you enter a message next time
  3. DrLordRobin

    New CS:GO bots

    Uhm... you were even part of this conversation not long ago. There are Guidelines for suggestions (text with grey background).
  4. DrLordRobin

    Why is scrap.tf against trade holds?

    Glad someone else wrote it out Also as of why raffle winners are different is since (if I'm not mistaken) they have a time frame to accept(/get) their winnings thus making the scenario Shiny Substitute mentioned less severe. Not sure about the other way but I think that's gotta do something with then the bot being able to remember occupied spaces. Since if the bot gets full before your trade hold expires you have to wait again.
  5. DrLordRobin

    CSGO Bot isnt working

    Also, you can dig a little since you might find the solution. For example: this is prob related . Best of luck!
  6. DrLordRobin


    Oy! Glad to hear that! although don't go overboard with gaming
  7. DrLordRobin

    Get rid of bot messages

    What I'm sayin but then why has it not been removed? I always got the messages on my phone that I've got a trade offer even though I can hear it (thanks to the browser sound) and of course I know it since I just "requested the trade" (there is another I get "the trade was successful" although this is helpful? with steam being a d**k sometimes) but thanks to the new UI, showing up on PC can be a nuisance especially if you trade a lot. So I guess the lower part was part of my curiousness not knowing why is this still a thing. Best of luck with the suggestion!
  8. Oy! Since the problem revolves around scarp.tf you should post it here. (red text) Although if you get the trade offer but it says error occurred if I'm not mistaken that's on Steam's side. (but I might be wrong)
  9. DrLordRobin

    Get rid of bot messages

    I see what you mean now and I somewhat agree. Little inconvenient but then again some people might need it. For instance, if you click offer trade and then you close the site or have the browser on mute only steam can notify you about your trade being available. (not sure who would do this but I guess this feature is for a reason...)
  10. DrLordRobin

    Private Chat

    You can do that in chat if I'm not mistaken and if it has not been removed.
  11. DrLordRobin

    Bump raffles.

    There was a suggestion about it and it got rejected but intrigued to see the outcome now. Best of luck!
  12. DrLordRobin

    Custom emote suggestions

  13. DrLordRobin

    I Got Scammed And Didn't Get a Refund.

    Well not sure where your first post went but it doesn't seem like I can take a look at it. Also, if you want to try such a thing maybe post evidence (pictures of the trade). On top of that just to clarify, was it the item banking or auction? Btw I'm no mod but if you provide more info you help mods and thus yourself.
  14. DrLordRobin

    This Andy situation. It should end.

    One of the reasons why I stopped reading raffles last few days besides being busy. First the premium gift hysteria then Winning% negativity and now Andy's case... And here I thought it should have already died down by now...
  15. DrLordRobin

    Custom emote suggestions

    Thank you kindly! Good sir!