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  1. I guess the option is in-game? Since I also checked on Steam and there was no such box. Although I'm confused since I recall that in-game it opens a steam webpage about your achievements so you see the same stuff. 🤔
  2. 1) The reject part doesn't sound that bad with a safety option like: "Are you sure you want to reject the winnings". Then again it would probs. kinda feel awful for a raffler to see that the raffle that just ended have its items rejected. So then it would need a time frame but there is a time frame which means it doesn't make that much sense, although I guess after 3-5 days the "reject" would not hit that hard. 2) 3) Well problem with that is (I assume ) is the inventory issues: which bot have which items and they take up space (which is precious).
  3. Well, you get certain items in TF2 if you have achievements in specific games and not everyone will be willing to complete them since they don't care. Also, believe me, a lot of people don't really care about them in general or don't give a second thought to what they are actually doing when they use cheats. (I was young and I was dumb too can't really change my mistakes...)
  4. Roooonaaaaald! Maaaaaarvaaaaaash! Faaaaaxoooon! Maaaaaax! Spheeeeel! (sry if I missed any or f-ed up the names) Also any other hint?
  5. Well, the difference is that the "Festive Minigun" was only obtainable with the Naughty Winter Crate (#35) which cannot be opened anymore thus making it more unique compared to the "Festivized Minigun" which can be obtained by getting a "Festivizer" and then applying it on the stock minigun. Meaning there's unlimited stock for the "Festivized Minigun" as long as there's "Festivizer" (which could be used on better things, waaay better things). Now as for the price, I'm not sure I couldn't find a price on the "Festivized Minigun" but a "Festive Minigun" is worth ~1,70€, a "Festivizer" is worth ~2€ buuuuut once you apply the "Festivizer" it loses it's base value and applying it on a stock gun probs make the price drop a lot. So I would guess the "Festive Minigun" is worth more than the "Festivized Minigun".
  6. Well here's "some" posts related to the topic: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8 (there might be even more). Also, credit to Metalfan1 since I got 4 other posts thanks to the comment they made in the post commented below. Btw on the "#1 post" the comment made by Dimitri should give you all the summed up info you need as of why it will not be a thing.
  7. This suggestion was rejected already (not long after "Chemoeum"s comment) and I think only staff can close threads.
  8. Like you and Natrual said on scrap.tf -> auctions if not then backpack.tf? Maybe even Marketplace.tf (sort of) since you can message the seller and also like you said you can see what they are selling when you view their profile. Don't think if this would be implemented would get even a decent amount of people involved since this already exists in large chunks here and there.
  9. There are some Consumer Grade skins which worth more than 1$ (From Factory New to Battle-Scarred) but it's like ~10% of the normal Consumer Grade Skins so I would say I agree as well (also, there are only 16 skins that worth more than 5$ and 3 above 10$). And they could always wait for a few then trade up (also, the normal Industrial Grade weapons ~30% are above 1$ and there's also more pricy ones). Btw this suggestion pretty much says the same thing but got rejected in April.
  10. Mango made sort-of the same deal but nothing happened after more than a year (,no replies either). And there could be problems with the image sizes and etc. so it might be a good addition for pc users but it can make phone users life a livin hell.
  11. Brings some issues. Like are we talking about "steam gifts" or keys as well? Who can enter the raffles? (Maybe just a minor issue, since am not sure how well you can track an automated "game gifting system") Also, potential problems with revoking the "gifts". List needs to be made for acceptable games. etc. etc.
  12. Well, there's no chance for that sadly... but I would re-buy all of them if it would happen though.
  13. Was able to delete before but they changed it since "people can post mean comments then delete it" or something along the lines so if they even take away that there's no chance for edit since that would cause the same issue. Three other same suggestion this year (not including the ability to delete ofc.) #1 , #2 , #3 . #2 also includes some potential reasoning why it's not been implemented yet.
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