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  1. woh, forum update

  2. Why are you buying clothes at the soup store?

  3. <3

    1. Salted


      <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 

    2. lesse


      <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 

  4. And again, it is nearly 2 am #stillawake #feelingtired #shouldbeinbed #badlifechoices #hashtag #whyisthistwitternow #nearlyatthe140charlimi

  5. RT @Axie | ScrapTF " Why are you following me, THIS AINT TWITTER! D:  "

  6. hi

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    2. Luki


      Aw, this one isn't clickable :(

      go to my profile for a clickable one

    3. lesse



    4. 31Darkstar
  7. Reminder: Sleme is hottdog

  8. Ugh, I keep thinking this is the search bar.

  9. aaaaand it's 3:30 am again...

    1. Alexander Wedlin

      Alexander Wedlin

      Stop staying up so late

  10. Open the "event" floodgates!

    1. PHiSH


      *tidal wave of raffles floods in*

    2. Alexander Wedlin
  11. Oh god, I bought a new pair of headphones. I'm having an eargasm

  12. Congrats on 3500 posts

  13. If anyone's wondering about the daily event raffle: https://scrap.tf/help/kb/169

    1. PhantomProgrammer


      Kinda figured that's how it worked. Now I know for sure! Thanks!

  14. *steam automatically logs you out from your mobile**you log in**steam asks for a mobile auth code...*

    Then I had to reset and now I can't trade for a week...

  15. Wubs==Butts

    1. Pokechikin -VG-

      Pokechikin -VG-

      I'm trying my best not to put something coding related after seeing this.

  16. tfw people watch you when you're on scrap.tf and assume you're a brony and start annoying/bullying you about it.

    I don't mind them but I already blocked over 200 images...

    1. Rez


      happened to me on a skial server, this one guy yelled on the mic "go back to scrap.tf Rez!" (he must have seen me on the auctions a lot. funny thing is i'm all over the place (bp.tf classifieds, bazaar.tf trades) so it was kind of a chuckle. not sure what possessed him to do that.... 

    2. Luki


      Yeah, I went on backpack.tf and suddenly noticed your name and thought, hey I know that guy :P

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