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  1. Lukiday

    Private Chat

    Yup, regular chat works for that, you can find it in the menu bar. Once you are in the chat you can right-click someone's avatar and click "PM" to open a private room for the two of you.
  2. Lukiday

    Did you delete my forum?

    No, we moved it to the right subforum. Help&Support is for Help and support. Team Fortress 2 is for community Team Fortress 2 discussion.
  3. Lukiday

    fixed Issue with Discounts on Scrap.TF's Strange Bot?

    This indeed seems to be a site-wide issue, it usually disappears after a few minutes when you reload the page.
  4. Lukiday

    Suggestion: Make Full raffles obvious

    Full raffles are already hidden from the list, but they don't auto-update on the raffle page to make sure the page doesn't use too much data. If you refresh the page you'll see that full raffles won't reappear.
  5. Lukiday

    Artifacts(?), in all games. Even happening on websites.

    Seems like for some reason the transparency isn't being taken into account, I'd suggest swapping out the gpu and seeing if it's still happening
  6. Lukiday

    Remove Access to donator bots premium perk.

    Even though all inventories are combined into one, items in the premium bots only show up for those with premium. Bots can also still be browsed at https://scrap.tf/weapons -> browse botss
  7. Lukiday

    Bot selling problems

    Please give us some more information about what you're trying to trade and post it at the correct forums. This forum is for discussing the game, any errors you experience should be posted at Help&Support
  8. Lukiday

    fixed Unable to buy or sell Steam gifts

    Nup, nothing. I suggest you try once a week or so.
  9. Lukiday

    fixed Unable to buy or sell Steam gifts

    This is a known bug:
  10. Lukiday

    Dupe standard stickybomb launcher.. what is its worth?

    You can get these by applying something to the stock weapon (a description, a name, a killstreak kit, etc). As you need to use an expensive item to get these they are worth ~0.88 refined, but they rarely get sold.
  11. Not a bug, just an error with the bot. Please make threads like these at the Help&Support forums as I've told you on discord. I've kicked you out, feel free to try again.
  12. Lukiday

    Dark theme for the forum

    You'll have to suggest this to Invision as they are the creators of the forum software the site uses.
  13. Lukiday

    fixed Auction Bugs Megathread

    This isn't really a bug. The key price changed since you bid those keys, but the site still uses the key value from back when you bid them. You should still be the top bidder.
  14. Discord Tag: Lukiday#9999 Chrome dev tools? Yes Experience? Yes, I've written some php code myself and I have completed a course of software testing and verification at university
  15. Lukiday

    fixed Dark theme glitches out when used from phone

    This seems to be an issue with the "Dark" theme on mobile, for the meanwhile I suggest using the "Default" theme at https://scrap.tf/settings. I'll move this to Bug reports. The live support chat was down due to an issue with the chat server and is unrelated to the other issue.
  16. Lukiday

    A Much Needed Update Of General Rule 2?

    Not really. We aren't members of staff, we are just community members that want to help out, so we can't do anything with reports. My pleasure
  17. Lukiday

    A Much Needed Update Of General Rule 2?

    Live support can't do anything, all reporting has to be done via the reporting system.
  18. Lukiday

    quick question

    Please post questions about the site at the Help&Support forum, I've moved your thread. The first auction ban is a week long, the second one is a month long and the third one is permanent, so users cannot indefinitely troll auctions.
  19. Lukiday

    Inventory full.

    This is already a thing, it displayed by the red bar at the side of each item. If it is completely full then the item is overstocked and the bots will not buy that item until they have sold some. An overstocked item (25/25): An item that the bots currently don't have in stock at all and are willing to buy: An item that the bot has a few of, but is still willing to buy:
  20. Lukiday

    duplicate Strange situation

    Not a bug, it's the difference in value from how much the keys were worth when this bid was placed versus how much they are worth right now.
  21. Lukiday

    Bookmark for puzzle raffles

    I personally think that this could add some convenience, but I'm not sure if this is worth the time to implement. Yes, you can search for them by adding "site:scrap.tf/raffles" to your preferred search engine, making google only search on that domain
  22. Lukiday

    Game Banking Suggestions Thread

    That's not how it works, this is the suggestions thread to add new games to the pricelist ( https://scrap.tf/gifts ) Games are sold to the bot by other users, you'll have to wait for them to sell some.
  23. On top of filtering on PDA, Melee, Secondary and Primary I'd suggest that the other data-slot types (misc, PDA, action, taunt, building and all) are added to the raffle creation and site inventory deposit pages., this makes it easier to find items of the same kind. Also, adding a way to filter by item quality (unique, strange, etc) might prove beneficial as well.
  24. Lukiday

    Raise Stat Clock Stock Limit

    The stock limit is generally lower on items that are sold less regularly. Items that fluctuate in stock a lot have a higher limit because both the demand and the supply are large.
  25. Lukiday

    not bug Buy unusual don't work.

    This doesn't seem to be a bug as this happens with every banking type, most likely because you used to have to pick the bot you wanted to buy from manually. It might be nice to update this since there are now /all pages for certain types of banking.