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  1. We've removed the url to the user due to our witchhunting policies. Please be aware that the trade in the authenticator is the trade you will end up accepting, everything before can be manipulated one way or the other. You can find info about a often occuring kind of hijack here: https://scrap.tf/help/kb/213
  2. Auction values usually use the backpack.tf value of the core item (without killstreaks, parts, paints, etc). In auctions, there is a special field called the Item Factor, which is a percentage between 50 and 100%. This is the factor that all non-currency items' values get multiplied by, and is set by the auctioneer.
  3. granted, they're all either collectors or strange, no uniques.
  4. Please post your questions about the site at the Help&Support forums.
  5. This has been resolved at the help&support forums. Please create your posts about issues with the site there.
  6. https://forum.scrap.tf/forum/34-refunds/
  7. No, this isn't allowed, as this is requesting off-site trades. All bids have to be made through the bidding system. If they put their minimum bid too high or have the accepted items not set up correctly, they'll have to remake the auction. In the future, please post questions about the site at the Help&Support forums.
  8. Luki

    Bot Scammed me

    Please respond to your refund request instead of creating more threads for the same issue.
  9. Applications for beta testers are currently closed. A form on the forums was the method used for the previous round of beta testers.
  10. If you have a new recipient, you would've had the time to switch the gifts around for a day or two yes. Please post any questions you have about the site at the help&support forums.
  11. This is no longer possible. The games that are still being traded were bought as gifts before 2016, as steam introduced the new gifting system then.
  12. If you're experiencing issues with the site, please create a ticket at the help&support forums. Staff will aid you there.
  13. It happens with some users, but from what I've heard, not too often. It might take quite a few days for people to respond as we have many participants who are not active daily. Sorry to hear that this has happened for three years, but I'm afraid we cannot reroll the participants early.
  14. You've already received a reponse for this at the H&S forums. Please do not make duplicate threads.
  15. Your ticket is being handled at support. Please do not make duplicate threads.
  16. Duplicate of a thread now in the correct subforums for questions and issues: Help&Support.
  17. This is all information that is available at https://scrap.tf/santa . Please let us know if you have a specific question about this by creating a help&support ticket at https://forum.scrap.tf/forum/33-help-support/
  18. Congrats! (You get it if you've been raffling for over 2 years, and if you've made more than 50 raffles)
  19. That's incorrect. Items will (and cannot) be moved to your site inventory. Your last option is to ask the raffler to hold on to the items and trade them to you once the tradehold is over.
  20. one more suggestion: Never fill in your steam credentials on another site. If you're logged in at https://steamcommunity.com , you'll only have to confirm to log in: And: Your authenticator is the final step, and the hardest step to fake. Always triple-check any trade you confirm there. If anything is off there, change your password, check for api keys at https://steamcommunity.com/dev/apikey and renew your tradeoffer url.
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