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  1. A slight change is that when you are creating a password raffle it would be convenient if you could see what you are typing into the field instead of the blacked out circles.
  2. Well if u don't like the prices then don't sell here, simple
  3. I'm sorry but I meant that in a certain scenario that there is more than lets say 5 raffles that have valuable items and a generous user wants to tip them all yet they are not a donator and the limit is 5. I also re read what you said and it was only a one time scenario so far. This one scenario shouldn't lead to limits for everyone else just to stop the slim chance another person would do this again.
  4. Nice Idea but not so great for people who already tipped their max and then another raffle comes up the person wants to tip but it ends be4 their 24hr cooldown
  5. Ive been wondering if there is a rainbow option? Like just a static one not changing although that would be cool but hurt some eyes
  6. Dont like the price? Then trade elsewhere. Simple!
  7. But wouldnt i be cluttered up with free public raffles? And when u click on it thinking its free to enter bam u need to find the password that is why a tab is better. But i sorta get what u r saying they should be shown to the public but im suggesting a new section for them thats public
  8. So instead of having to make mutiple public raffles for long password raffles "puzzle raffles" why not have a dedicated section for them just like public raffles but only for password raffles?
  9. There could be a disable button if you don't want it. Like it's not mandatory just a helpful feature
  10. Just came to my head, I'm not sure if this even comply's with the rules of gaining an advantage or such but what about being able to enable a system that checks regularly at preset increments like 1 min, 5 min, 10 min to notify you through the browser if there are new raffles. This would be available to everyone and I think it should work normally in how the server would just send info to all the clients at 1 min increments and the clients will decide to notify or not if they have set the reminder. I think this would help a bit with people multi tasking in their browser. But as I said this may become a hassle and may not conform to the rules. To clarify, it's not entering you into the raffles, it's telling you if there are any so you don't have to break your f5 key waiting for new raffles during dead times.
  11. I think this is unnecessary as it will create a competition of whos the top donor. Even though donating to the site is great they don't really need a cosmetic feature as another incentive. But these are my personal thoughts and we will have to let Jessecar make the final decision
  12. Did u have a raffle going on at the time? If so then someone might have tipped you. If not then I have no idea what happened
  13. I know you can do this with the password function but after an update with those raffles with a visible description you cant seem to be able to put the next raffle link into the description without the risk of people just passing the question. There are two solutions to this that are available to me, first is to do what Dima suggested in this thread https://forum.scrap.tf/index.php?/topic/1695-invisible-password-raffle-descriptions/ And make a second description appear when they solve the password. I think this shouldn't be a hassle since the page reloads anyways -or- A new type of raffle where it has the same setup but when you solve it, it enters you and then redirects you to the next question if there is one in the chain. No link necessary! However this might be hard to code but, since i only know the basics i have no idea. Basically it's just a raffle inside a raffle inside... You get the idea. So what do you guys think?
  14. There is a tab where it ranks raffles created as well...
  15. It defeats the purpose of donating by raffling. Raffling the prority would be fine but donator perks shouldnt
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