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  1. This is why we don't deal in absolutes. "What ifs" prevent progress. Extreme scenarios like you describe would only happen rarely. At most twice a month, but really almost never. Wait two days and all the puzzles would have changed anyway.
  2. This suggestion is not related to the new rule. It's not about making puzzle raffles reach 130+ like public. It's about at least being over 15. Considering that some of those are typically not all enter-able for different reasons, that can get cut down to like 8. Like there was a puzzle titled "Jojo puzzle" or something like that, so I skipped it because it might have spoilers and I plan to watch that show one day. This isn't even mentioning language barriers. 30-50 puzzles would be better than what we have now is all.
  3. It's not related to the new rule. That wouldn't backfire. Public raffles are free to join. So any prize already allowed is fine. Puzzle raffles are a different breed, and require a lot more effort. That possible item ban would just act as quality control. Plus, that point was a throwaway suggestion to consider. It's not the main course, it's the minor side dish to think about later.
  4. Then why not just host a Staff Event? I propose the "ScraPuzzle Event", a 7 day series consisting of 7 easy/medium difficulty puzzle raffles that would drum up buzz about the section. The day before, pin a public raffle announcing the event. The next day, another raffle explaining the event a bit more, and reminding that it's currently live. Don't actually link the puzzle section, just tell people how to get there. The puzzles should be easy, at least on the first 4 days. That would give everyone, even non-puzzle solvers, a good chance to actually participate. Days 5-7 can be slighter harder, but shouldn't be hard enough to turn people away. Make them feel 'smart'. Each of the 7 raffles should say something about puzzle raffles to help explain the concept to people that don't know much about them. Things like: -A little history on when puzzle raffles were added? Maybe... -Types of puzzles that are often made (Find the song by lyrics, answer this riddle, cypher codes, etc) -Leaving hints that aren't too vague, but not too obvious -Posting the format, whether "Xxxxxx" or "One word, capitalized", or even another way (The answer is "Format", btw) -The importance of double-checking puzzle answers Etc. etc. ==== On the topic of new Puzzle Badges, two ideas come to mind. Puzzle Planner This badge would unlock at 50 puzzle raffles created. Puzzle Player This badge would unlock at 100 puzzle raffles solved. These would give players more incentive to make and solve puzzles. Any talk about mindless puzzles being spammed to achieve the badges would mostly be a non-issue. If they're willing to actually try for the badges, chances are is that they also make public raffles. And public raffles share the same limit with puzzle. But if you really wanted to decrease that chance still, then just disallow Fabricators, Noisemakers and Uncraftable Weapons from being used on puzzle raffles. Still allowed on public/private, but not puzzle. ====
  5. Alright, now that I have your attention, let me suggest a new feature: The Edit Box The basic complaint for editing raffles is for some reason always the same: "People could break rules, then edit their stuff to avoid punishment." This idea gets around that complaint by preserving the raffle in it's original state. With the press of an edit button, the raffler can type up their corrections. The "Edit Box" would then appear, going between the Main Message and the Poll Area. The mock-up I made omits a poll, with the Box being between the Main Message and Entered Message. Mock-Up: http://prntscr.com/p6lcim The box would only appear if an edit was actually made. Only one edit can be made per raffle. (Edit Box cannot be edited afterwards) With this feature, many mistakes can be corrected. Ever leave a poll out by mistake? Sure, you can post it in the comments, but that's harder to see, especially if it gets buried by replies. So edit box it! Ever forget to mention someone you wanted to thank? Give them praise for their donation or whatever with an edit! Maybe you made a chain raffle but forgot to put the link to the next raffle in the Entered Message. To avoid it being buried in the comments, edit! All around, an official way to edit raffles is a QoL improvement that many of us want. As said before, this version jumps over potential abuse edits, making it a safe thing to add
  6. This suggestion thread is purposing a new setting: Logo Options With this, you'd be able to change the logo to whatever option you want, all year. From Original to Holiday to new choices, this customization idea would satisfy people who want a certain logo to stay on site past it's designated time. Below are possible choices to select. I've also made two mock-ups as example. My mock-ups are kind of ugly, but they get the point across. I actually can't remember if Christmas and Halloween have their own logos already... ==== Original (Default)- http://prntscr.com/on9qq1 Rainbow - http://prntscr.com/on9r0k Halloween (New I think) - http://prntscr.com/on9wd2 Christmas (New I think) - http://prntscr.com/on9w6h Suggested: Black/White Theme, TF2R Theme, Blob Theme (unlockable)? ==== The styles can go beyond simple color changes. For Halloween, perhaps encase the "TF" in a pumpkin, or have it as a jack-o-latern. For Christmas, wrap some lights around it. The prospect of logos can even be used with unlockable designs, earned from events like avatar hats.
  7. As everyone who clicks on the Emote Tab when making a raffle can see, the thing is a mess. It's just an alphabetical wall-of-emoji that's hard to use, especially if you don't already know an emote's name. If a wall-of-text is considered an eye sore, then this should be too vvv That's why I feel the Emote Tab needs to be sorted into multiple categories. I also suggest a Favorites Tab that opens first, kinda like a 'homepage' of sorts. First, the categories. We can go by similar themes, like games the emotes are from. TF2 should get it's own slot, for example, as it has 39* emotes, even when excluding some related ones like and . Similar 'characters', like the Blobs, the CSD faces, and the Jantrans, can sort into three more categories. And so on with the other emotes, of course. This would make it easier for everyone to find most emotes that they need. No more searching for that one anime girl emote you saw but didn't catch the name of. Thanks to the new 'DDLC' tab, you found :natsukitsun: easily. *Fun fact, I actually counted wrong the first time. I might still be incorrect! This is what I mean when I call the current system a 'mess'. And now, the Favorites Tab. Upon opening the Emote Tab, you'll land on this category. At first it's empty, with a small textbot at the bottom. All you need to do it type in the name of the emotes you want, and they are now a 'Favorite'. Now you have easy access to it every time you make a raffle. A benefit of the Sorting System would be that emotes would not load until you open their tab. So it can even benefit anyone using mobile, since less emotes loaded = less data, right? (Okay, I don't know how that works, but I'm assuming the emote loading being reducing from a couple hundred to maybe fifteen would help out.) But anyway, instead of loading the whole gallery of emotes, you would be greeted to the much smaller Favorites Tab, cutting out all emotes irrelevant to you/your raffle. To recap and conclude, I suggest adding some organization to the Emotes Tab, along with a new Favorite System. While it's technically two separate ideas that can be split, I feel they go together well. And I hope they will be implemented soon enough. But for now, good day to you.
  8. I was just about to suggest that here when I saw this post +1
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