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  1. Well the filter's main purpose is to make lives easier,and it is completely optional since the "All" button for the filter already exists.
  2. So basically you add in the filter the ability to change what type of raffles you want.Currently I will only suggest 2,and these two added features in the filtering are: "Multiple Winners Raffles Only" or "Single Winner Raffles Only" (Can't think of a really good name with these two added features in the filter,you guys can change it's name to whatever really fits) Multiple Winners Raffles Only makes it so the raffles you see are only raffles that allow more than 1 winner. Single Winner Raffles Only does the same except the raffles you see are Single Winner Raffles instead of multiple ones. That's it.Simple and Basic Feature in a Feature.
  3. My idea of this is that you can set how many winners you can have depending on how many items you have in your raffle if you set your raffle to have multiple winners.For instance,you have 10 items in a raffle,and you can choose 5 people to get 2 items each,or have 2 people to get 5 items each.If you have an odd number of items and an even number of winners,it may not work well,as one person may get more items than the other.
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