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  1. Hello. As i said on title, what about button, that can hide (and show up again) all my raffles under spoiler or something like that? It's kinda annoying, when i should scroll down more than 10 raffles every time. Btw, how it currently works with really long chain raffles?
  2. Baltica 7

    Raffle entries based on IP-address

    Not sure about withdraw, but they are still have right to won.
  3. tf_bot_quota_mode fill tf_bot_quota 2 expert These cvars will make bot join if there is only one player. Bot will leave, when second player connects. I think it would be really useful, when server is empty. It will make waiting time for a second player less boring and more faster! It's really better than just flying around map in spectator mode!
  4. Baltica 7

    Custom emote suggestions

    :tomhappy: :tomhappy2: :tomsmile:
  5. Baltica 7

    Map suggestions for server 2.

    Here comes more maps!
  6. Is that a CTCP (CaptureThisControlPoint) gamemode? NO! IT'S VS Saxton Hale at all! I mean you people must FIGHT here! Not annoy Hale with this c(ra)p. So, i think it should be disabled here by default. But sometimes hale with low hp trying to camp or last alive player hiding somewhere. If disabling cp sounds not good enough, make it enable when there are 1 player alive.
  7. Baltica 7

    Some server 2 suggestions

    Yea, i see this glitch before, but its happening only on first rounds (i think). And you still can simply change team.
  8. Baltica 7

    Some server 2 suggestions

    Added it to the folder, thanks.
  9. Baltica 7

    Some server 2 suggestions

    Thirdperson plugin! I think it can be useful on deathrun maps, like dr_bearun. Just look at this. We have 22 players, for example. Do you see anything here? With tp it looks much better. Dodgeball gamemode! This one is really good gamemode. It was fun even if server have a low number of players! There is some maps. UPD3: Btw, looks like PropHunt is broken (sometimes it just works like a simple Arena mode), it have a los of bugs (sometimes props can use weapons, or props wearr a hats), so, i think Dodgeball is would be good replacement for PH. Taunt crits for VSH! This one maybe a bit overpowered, but very useful thing for VSH. If crits is really overpowered, mini-crits should be not. Some neutral maps for Deathrun! People still hate almost every dr_ map. So, there is some neutral maps. UPD: Disable control points on VSH! F I G H T L I K E A M A N N UPD2: Disable control points on VSH! Really, its annoying.
  10. Baltica 7

    Server 2 deathrun map suggestions

    there is some good maps