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  1. hi

    1. Lukiday


      hai mah boi~

    2. [slem]


      whats popping b

  2. Bots sometimes do this happens to me a lot normally i just try again and it works
  3. App

    As said above, i am sure te answer will be no it has been suggested a loot of times answer has always been no as scrap.tf is already mobile friendly
  4. Nearly there
  5. Whats up with everyone using this to report problems/ ask for help

  6. dam it lukas
  7. Nebulaaaaaaaaaaaa and orbiting Lukidays
  8. Banned for not reading rules
  9. Aw ty babe finally i can be a pro at this shit
  10. Me likey
  11. https://scrap.tf/raffles/9XNKOL
  12. :3
  13. On the auctions page, there's a little bug here is some pictures it's hard to describe: Ignore the square I put that on, basically what I want you to see is the words cut off.