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  1. fruit loooooooops

    How long have you played tf2 and how many random drop hats did you get

    a lot and a lot
  2. Bots sometimes do this happens to me a lot normally i just try again and it works
  3. fruit loooooooops


    As said above, i am sure te answer will be no it has been suggested a loot of times answer has always been no as scrap.tf is already mobile friendly
  4. fruit loooooooops

    Is Geel a millionaire yet?

    Nearly there
  5. Whats up with everyone using this to report problems/ ask for help

  6. fruit loooooooops

    Pewdiepie Tuber Simulator

    dam it lukas
  7. fruit loooooooops

    Favorite Unusual Effect(s)

    Nebulaaaaaaaaaaaa and orbiting Lukidays
  8. fruit loooooooops

    You're banned

    Banned for not reading rules
  9. fruit loooooooops

    ScrapTF Styling Guide

    Aw ty babe finally i can be a pro at this shit
  10. fruit loooooooops

    This is gonna be fun

    Me likey
  11. fruit loooooooops

    Missing event badges

  12. fruit loooooooops

    Auction css bug

  13. fruit loooooooops

    Auction css bug

    On the auctions page, there's a little bug here is some pictures it's hard to describe: Ignore the square I put that on, basically what I want you to see is the words cut off.