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  1. To my own knowledge, there isn't a difference in drop rate, though I think premium allows you to get a hat drop once every so thousand years-ish depending on odds. Still, premium does come with tons of backpack space so you can actually hold all the junk you'll get via item drops. Also trading, so that's a benefit.
  2. If it were two years, there'd probably be some kind of plan. Maybe an update, possibly some major fixes that'd actually be pleasant... but anything up to and past three is just unknown. Valve can't count that high, remember?
  3. Hm, I'd have to say it was getting the BarbeQueQ achievement - was goofing about on Turbine, when somehow I'd gotten a domination on one really unlucky guy. Throughout the goofing about, I'd managed to kill him once with each class - some were assists, but we take those. I think it was a cross-midroom Scorch Shot spam that killed him last, then he probably just got bored and left, netting me the 'cheevo.
  4. Comp players who want to feel good, Canteen Crasher supporters, sets where the Spirit of Giving looks decent, etc.
  5. Prussian Pickelhaube and the Vitals Vest makes for a kind of nice Kritskrieg set, though the vest clips really horribly with any sort of badge.
  6. Varied pastas. You can just do so much with the recipe, so it's slightly easier to not get bored with it.
  7. I did this exactly once, and it worked... well, about as well as you'd expect against a script kiddie and his pals: Vaccinator pocket on a Battalion's Backup Solly, at least until he can get RAGE up. Once he doots his toot, the entire team gets crit immunity until the RAGE goes out. Meanwhile, the medic actually started pocketing a second battalion's soldier, and we wound up juggling doots right up until they swapped to infini-rev Heavy with their own combo medic / engi bastard troupe. We might have been able to win still, but you know how pubs are. Of course, it'd be nice if the script kiddies couldn't get their gameplay substitution onto the servers at all, but eh. Valve be that way.
  8. Yes, should be on the main menu around where the Advanced Options are. Click into the achievements in-game menu and you'll see the reset button.
  9. It's an official feature now - think it was added late-ish November, though I could be off on date.
  10. Click on that tiny "achievements" tab in the lower-right of the main page. At the bottom of the popup box should be a simple "reset all achievements" tab. You can't re-obtain the Milestone weapon drops, but it's a nice feature to give you something to redo or get them legitimately.
  11. Whenever the bidder pays their bid, the refined metal should go directly into your Steam inventory - at least, that's what I remember happening. Check in there for any new ref, then check to see if the payment is still pending on your auction.
  12. Yeah, 'cheevo servers / cheats is mostly for the guaranteed freebie items in TF2. At least they introduced the Achievement Reset option so people who did that for the items can do 'em legitimately now.
  13. Terraria is a good timesink, especially if you can get a group of friends or find a Discord-based dedicated server.
  14. This ought to tell you all you need to know about it: https://wiki.teamfortress.com/wiki/Haunted_Metal_Scrap If you're asking how to get to the crafting menu, there's a Crafting tab right around where your backpack is. Use that, then look for the Halloween stuff since that's all it's used for.
  15. Hearing a fair bit of negativity about this event from profit-seekers or grinch victims, so I thought we could spread some cheer and happiness in a post. Here's to the Santas who did a cool thing, if not by value then by the thought put into it. My Santa got me a few cosmetics for classes that I didn't have that much for. Not too valuable, but they look really nice and now those three classes are actually wearing a class-specific item. Thanks a ton, pal!
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